WINNER! YouTube 70K Subscriber / Facebook 3K Giveaway


So remember this?  I asked you all to give me creative reasons why you should receive the Girls’ Generation – You Think CD/Poster/Photocard set I was giving away in celebration of 70K YouTube Subscribers and 3K Facebook Likes…

And I got quite a few of them actually.  Some of them made me want to cry… some made me laugh out loud.  I really do appreciate all of the comments and effort you all put into these…  so much so that I have a bonus for this contest.  There will be a Grand Prize which gets the CD/Poster/Photocard set, and a Runner Up that just gets the CD (sorry, I couldn’t get any more of the posters and photocards).


So without any more delays, the winners of the 70K Contest Giveaway are:

Grand Prize: Leanne Grooms
Runner Up: Bendják Dorottya

For the two of you, please check your emails (from where you sent your entries in from) for more information.

Their entries stood out the most out of all the entries for similar reasons.  One was really creative and cohesive, while the other was where you could picture it being acted out and had a bonus picture that just made me smile.   If I get clearance from both of them, I’ll share what they submitted 🙂

Anyhow, thanks again to all that participated and there will be more giveaways in the future.  If I can get more subscribers or likes, who knows you could see another giveaway sooner than later.

So help me out and spread the word.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, or want to help me out by getting your friends to subscribe to my channel on Youtube, click the link below:

and if you want to, Like my page on Facebook as well:

And as always, thank you all so much for the continued support.


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