WINNER is finally back with their new mini album EXIT E.  Kinda carrying over from their last mini album, they’re pretty much promoting the entire mini album.  For those getting the physical album… there’s two versions…


Pricked (사랑가시)

Actually this is the last song on the album… but I’m listing it first since it was promoted as the pre-release track.  It’s actually a song featuring just Minho and Taehyun.  It’s a slow song that really sounds like BIGBANG could have done it…(for that matter, a lot of songs on here, I could totally picture BB doing them…)

But anyhow…

The song is really simple pretty much just an acoustic guitar as a backing track.  The vocals are really dreamy…

Baby Baby

This one sounds like a blues jazz and country song mixed together.  It’s really slow and lazy sounding.  The video shows all of the members in different situations where they don’t seem very happy but doing things they like to do, like partying, drinking, girls, etc…

The song itself is mellow and easy to listen to.  Perfect for late nite listening or for a afternoon scenic drive.

Sentimental (센치해)

This is actually the second song on the album but doing it after the slow songs on purpose.  When I first heard the songs (not the preview versions), I watched the videos in the following order Baby Baby, I’m Young and then this song.  So I was pretty sad when I got to this one.

But luckily… thankfully… this one was more uptempo.  And the bonus was, they were acting goofy which made me laugh a little.  This one is the most my style, where it’s a real pop/rock song.

I'm Young (좋더라)

This one is the 4th song on the album and is Taehyun’s solo song.  The video for this song is pretty dramatic… and since at first I didn’t notice it was his solo song, I was like… hey where’s everyone else.

I won’t ruin the video plot for you, you really have to watch it… which makes the song even more sad.

Immature (철없어)

The third song on the mini-album is an all out rock fest.  It’s probably the most upbeat song on the album about being immature.

There’s no video for it, but maybe they’ll perform it for their comeback stages (or goodbye stages)…

Overall Review

This one will be a definite favorite of WINNER fans, and may win over some new ones if they like the emotional roller coaster ride that this album will put you on.  I really wish they put the songs in the order I have above, since that way you’ll end on a good note, rather than going up and down.


  1. I was expecting more with your REVIEW tittle but it’s just too simple for you to called it a review
    Well I do agree that Inner Circle are happy & satisfied with this album

    • I guess I could go more into detail for each song, but I want people to listen to the songs for themselves without giving it all away 🙂 I was really surprised how much I liked all the songs though some of the imagery was sad.


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