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So yeah… Windows 10… where it launches on July 29 and every geek expects to have it downloaded to their machine… especially if they were on the Insider Preview.

What most of us saw instead… was this:

Oh well, so of course by now you know you can force your computer to download Windows 10 if it hasn’t already.  Basically, you do the following.

  1. Clear out the d:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownloads folder (replace d with your drive letter with Windows on it).
  2. Open a command prompt dialog with administrator privileges and type in the command “wuauclt.exe /updatenow” but don’t hit enter yet.
  3. Open Windows Update from Control Panel
  4. Hit Check for Updates; and while it’s checking, then go back to the command prompt screen and hit enter.
  5. The Windows Update screen should change to Downloading Windows 10.

If it doesn’t… oh well.. but it’s not over for you yet.  There’s another thing you can do.

Go to and download the media creator version of your choice.  You can then choose to upgrade directly from the download, or create a media (USB/DVD) of the ISO.  I would recommend the latter since then at least you have a copy on hand.

With the ISO method, you basically then mount the ISO (or load the USB key/DVD) then run the setup program.  Follow the prompts for the upgrade, and it should work just fine.  You may run into key incompatibility issues, but if you do, then you can either try the above again, or wait until it’s actually your turn to get the upgrade.

Some things to keep in mind.

  • It’s not recommended that you try to use this ISO to do a clean install directly.  It will check to see if you have a valid install via BIOS or a validated Windows 10 key (and if you didn’t do the upgrade yet, you won’t have one… your Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 key will not work).  Once you do a successful upgrade, you can do a clean install ON THAT MACHINE only after that since it will be recorded in BIOS or you will have the key.
  • If you do the forced methods, things always don’t seem to work right.  You might have to do the steps above, several times before it actually kicks in.  If it doesn’t work after 3 tries though, you probably have to do the ISO method.
  • Even with the ISO method, you might run into complications with your existing key, especially if you’re upgrading from a purchased computer with an OEM key (you know the key that’s on the sticker of your computer).  If you manually upgraded with a retail copy of Windows, you will have less issues.

As with any other upgrade, BACKUP first… At least you can revert if it goes terribly wrong.

But once it’s up and running, to me, it’s a nice compromise between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.  While I finally got used to Charms (which I TOTALLY hated at first), you can pretty much do everything via search — and since my hands are usually planted on the keyboard, it’s really not an issue.

For me, all I had was a couple of minor driver glitches (where my trackpad didn’t work at all), and where the graphics card settings were out of whack (which fixed itself with a reboot).   Otherwise, Windows 10 actually made it where my Bluetooth mouse works pretty much all the time (not like with Windows 8.1 where it would inconveniently just die when in use).  But it’s only Day 2, so we have to see what other issues come up.

Luckily for me, I haven’t experienced the NVIDIA issue … hopefully I don’t, cause I have enough graphics card problems at the moment.

So how’s your Windows 10 experience been going?  Let me know in the comments below.

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