VIXX – Chained Up (Album Review)

VIXX - Chained Up (Both Editions)
VIXX - Chained Up (Both Editions)

VIXX is back with their second full K-Pop album called Chained Up.  It came in two different editions… Control and Freedom (which matches the concept in their latest video for the title track).

VIXX - Chained Up (Both Editions)
VIXX – Chained Up (Both Editions)

Track By Track Review

Mistress (Intro)

Like all of their previous mini albums, the intro is just a lead in into the main track.  It’s a pretty eerie sounding intro… perfect for Halloween.

Chained Up

The title track of the album.  It’s not their typical uptempo song like Error, Eternity or even Rock Your Body.  It’s more a mid-tempo song with darker connotations.  It took a little more listens to get into the groove of the song, but the sing-songy chorus “na-na-na-na-na-na-na” kinda hooks you in…


Maze would be a good follow up track to Chained Up.  With it’s shifty beat and synths make it a really good pop song.

Stop It Girl

Ballad-ish R&B song which slows the tempo of the album up to this point.  Could see them performing this as a goodbye stage.

Hot Enough

Another R&B mid-tempo jam…. to the point it kinda doesn’t sound like them.   Not bad, just a little different.


Somewhat aggressive sounding pop and almost rock-ish song.  Kinda could see EXO singing this too.

Out of Sorts

Another mid-tempo pop song.  Sounds like a song for a lazy afternoon where you’re just lounging or relaxing… or something lighthearted and fun.  Just has that carefree feeling.


Ravi sings… sorta… during the chorus.  This song has the elements that I like… bright and uplifting sounding.  If they did a video, I would picture it being like G.R.8.U

Us Now

Another slow song…  Sweet sounding…


Their prior single Eternity was also included… and I think you know how I liked this song…


Another prior single… with the same comment as Eternity…  The video is just full of feels…

Can't Say

A prior Japanese single… done in Korean.  At least they redid it so you can hear it in either form now 🙂  Here’s the Japanese PV so you can compare.

So what do you think of their latest album?  Let me know in the comments.  As a bonus… here’s my unboxing of it…


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