Top 100 K-Pop Songs for February 2015 Week 1


Here’s my top 100 K-Pop Songs chart for February 2015 Week 1 (week ending February 7, 2015). Based on my personal preferences with some influence from the weekly music shows and sales charts.

Can 1PUNCH hold on to the top spot with “Turn Me Back” or will JJCC take over? Watch and find out!

This week sees 19 new entries with comebacks from Shinhwa, Naul, Hong Jin Young, Zion T & Crush. This week seems to have more indie songs than anything else. Not as strong come backs this week as I thought and thus, some lesser known stuff broke through and debuted pretty high. Next week though will be very interesting as some big releases are expected from 4MINUTE, MYNAME, Amber (f(x)) and KIXS. Be sure to come back next week to see where those fall.

There were some songs that didn’t quite make this week’s list, mostly because they were released toward the end of the week. You can probably expect to see songs from Huh In Chang, Mamamoo (from Spy OST), Postmen (from Shine or Go Crazy OST), Shim Hyun Bo & Lim Seulong, McKay, and Kye Bum Zu next week.

What’s your favorites of this week? List your Top 10’s below in the comments and I’ll be using them for an upcoming project. You can list them here, YouTube, G+, etc. etc.

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