Top 100 K-Pop Songs Chart for August 2015 Week 3


Get caught up with the latest in K-Pop in about 30 minutes…  Counting down the latest in #K-Pop Hits!

Here’s my Top 100 K-Pop Song picks for August 2015 Week 3 (week ending August 22, 2015), primarily based on my personal preferences, with some influence from sales rankings, music shows and fan opinion.

This week sees 14 new entries with comebacks from Girls Generation, JCC, Juniel, HyunA, and several tracks from Show Me The Money 4.  Can HELLOVENUS hold on to the top spot for 2 weeks with I’m Ill, or will The Legend, T-ARA or BIGBANG take over?  Watch and find out!

Rules for your Top Picks of the Week:
* List your top picks for this week in the comments or at
* Your picks don’t need to be in any of my videos; it’s purely what you like this week
* You can list oldies, album tracks, whatever…as long as it’s K-Pop
* List them in order of how you like them (either from 1 to 10, or 10 to 1, else I’ll assume it’s 1 to 10)
* List the title and artist.
* Remember to come back each week and list your top picks!

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Quick Links:
Top 75: 8:49
Top 50: 16:51
Top 40: 20:16
Top 30: 23:25
Top 20: 26:23
Top 10: 30:06
Goodbye Stage: 33:35
Comeback Stage: 34:46

Song Index (Because so many of you asked):
9MUSES – Hurt Locker
A.N.D.S – Ttan Ttan Dan
Air ManGirl Feat. Minos – Shaking
AOA – Heart Attack
Apink – Remember
AS1 – Candy Ball
AXODUS Feat. Key – Hold On
B1A4 – Sweet Girl
Baechigi Feat. Solji – Shut Up
Bangtan Boys – Dope
Bangtan Boys – I Need U
Basick Feat. Mamamoo – Stand Up
BEAST – Gotta Go To Work
Ben – Hug Me
BIGBANG – Let’s Not Fall In Love
Blady – Secret Number
Boys Republic – Candle Love
Byul Ha [HeartB] – There’s No Love
Cheetah – My Number
Crush Feat. Zico – Oasis
Dickpunks – Let’s Play In The Han River
ELUPHANT Feat. Im Han Byul – Space Scouts
Fromm – Moonlight Dancing
GD X TOP – Zutter
GFRIEND – Me Gustas Tu
Gil Hak Mi Feat. Double K – Illusion
Girl’s Day – Ring My Bell
Girls’ Generation – Lion Heart
Girls’ Generation – Party
Girls’ Generation – You Think
Goddess X Gavy NJ – 2AM
GOT7 – Just Right
Grizzly – What Should I Do
HeartB X Jeong Jaeok – Just Close Your Eyes
Hyukoh – Comes and Goes
Hyuna Feat. Jeong Ilhoon – Because I’m The Best (Roll Deep)
Ignite Feat. Yoo Jiwon – Let’s Stop
Incredible Feat. Tablo & Jinusean – Baby Let’s Ride
Innovator Feat. Lee Hi – More Than A TV Star
Jakop, Raina, WuNo & Dayday – Allday Allnight
Jay Park Feat. Loco & Gray – My Last
JJCC – Where You At
Junggigo Feat. Jooheon – Decalcomanie
Juniel – Sorry
Kiggen Feat. Jinsil & Hanhae – Playback
Kim Hyung Jun – Cross The Line
Kim Jin Ho & Lee Eun-A – The Day We…
Kim So Jung – Dance Music
Kisum Feat. Jooyoung – You & Me
Koh Na Young – Missing You
Kunogoon Feat. Sohyang & Taibian – Timing
Lime – Toc Toc Toc
Loco Feat. Jay Park & Gray – Awesome
Louie, Doplamingo & Kasper – Wishing
M.Joon Feat. Junho – M8
MAMAMOO – Um Oh Ah Yeh
MINX – Love Shake
Monkeyz – I Have A Feeling
NeighBro – Only Now
N-White – Paradise
PRIMARY Feat. ChoA & Iron – Don’t Be Shy
PRIMARY Feat. Lena Park – Hello
Rap Monster – Fantastic
Seo In Young Feat. Lil Boi – Let’s Just Say We Loved
SG Wannabe – Love You
SHINee – Married To The Music
Simon D – Simon Dominic
Singing King Tungki – People Who Make Me Sad
SONAMOO – Cushion
Song Minho Feat. Taeyang – Fear
SPEED – Baby U
Stellar – Vibrato
Suzy – Why Am I Like This
t Yoon Mirae & Boys Noize – #Capture The City
Taibian – Starry Night
T-ARA – So Crazy
Taurine – Melting
Team AOMG – Respect
Teen Top – Except For Me
The Legend – Shadow
Tiger JK Feat. Yoon Mirae & Bizzy – Blazin’
TVXQ – Max – Rise As One
TVXQ – U-Know – Champagne
VIXX LR – Beautiful Liar
Wanna.B – Attention
Wonder Girls – I Feel You
YDG X Ivy – Jump Down
Yeon Bunhong – Please Make Me Ugly
Yong Joon Hyung & Heo Gayoon – Nightmare
Yu Seung Woo Feat. Louie – You’re Beautiful
Yuk Ji Dam X Shannon – Love X Go Away
Z.HERA Feat. Gaeun – XOX

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