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Top 100 K-Pop Songs Chart – First Half 2017

It's been a while, hasn't it? But... It's back! Here's my Top 100 K-Pop Songs Chart for the First Half of 2017 (January - June 2017)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But… It’s back! Here’s my Top 100 K-Pop Songs Chart for the First Half of 2017 (January – June 2017). Even though I haven’t been posting my weekly K-Pop charts as videos, I’ve still been doing my charts each week.

A big special thanks to the loyal subscribers over the years. I know I let some of you down but hopefully I can win you back with more regular chart updates 😀

Think you can guess what would be my number 1 song for the first half of the year? Let me know what you guess is in the comments… No peaking 😉

[bs-text title=”How This Chart is Tabulated” icon=”fa-question-circle” title_link=”” heading_color=”” heading_style=”default” bs-show-desktop=”1″ bs-show-tablet=”1″ bs-show-phone=”1″ css=””]The points are based on an inverse point system based on where the song ended up each week. So number 1 gets 100 points, 2 gets 99 and so on. Then I add them all up for the period of the chart to get these charts. There are several tie breaker rules in place like most weeks on and peak position so that I don’t have the multiple songs at the same number.[/bs-text] [bs-text title=”Song Index” icon=”fa-list-alt” title_link=”” heading_color=”” heading_style=”default” bs-show-desktop=”1″ bs-show-tablet=”1″ bs-show-phone=”1″ css=””]2000 WON – Teardrop Attack
2NE1 – Goodbye
A.C.E – Cactus
Ailee – I Will Go To You Like The First Snow
Akdong Musician (AKMU) – Last Goodbye
AOA – Bing Bing
AOA – Excuse Me
APRIL – April Story
APRIL – Mayday
ASTRO – Baby
ASTRO – Should’ve Held On
B.A.P – Wake Me Up
B.I.G – 1.2.3
Block B – Yesterday
BoA – Spring Rain
BP Rania – Make Me Ah
Brave Girls – Rollin’
BTOB – Movie
BTS – Not Today
BTS – Outro: Wings
BTS – Spring Day
Chanyeol X Punch – Stay With Me
CLC – Hobgoblin
Cloud – Mafia
CNBLUE – Between Us
Cosmic Girls – I Wish
DAY6 – Dance Dance
DAY6 – How Can I Say
DAY6 – I Wait
DAY6 – I’m Serious
DEAN Feat. Baek Yerin – Come Over
DEAN Feat. Syd – Love
Dreamcatcher – Chase Me
Dreamcatcher – Good Night
Eric Nam X Somi – You, Who?
EXID – Night Rather Than Day
GFRIEND – Fingertip
Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours
GOT7 – Never Ever
gugudan – A Girl Like Me
HELLOVENUS – Mysterious
HIGHLIGHT – Plz Don’t Be Sad
Hyolyn X Changmo – Blue Moon
I’M – Save Me
IMFACT – In The Club
IMFACT – Tension Up
IU Feat. G-Dragon – Palette
K.A.R.D – Don’t Recall
K.A.R.D – Oh Na Na
K.A.R.D – Rumor
Kriesha Chu – Trouble
LABOUM – Hwi Hwi
Lee Hae Ri – Pattern
LOOΠΔ/Kim Lip – Eclipse
Lovelyz – Now, Us
Lovelyz – WoW!
Luna, Hani & Solar – Honey Bee
MAP6 – I’m Ready
MC Mong X Huh Gak – Bandage
MELODYDAY – Kiss On The Lips
MOMOLAND – Wonderful Love
MONSTA X – Beautiful
MVP – Take It
NCT 127 – Limitless
NCT DREAM – My First and Last
NIEL – Love Affair
OH MY GIRL – Coloring Book
PENTAGON – Pretty Pretty
Produce 101 Season 2 – Pick Me
Red Velvet – Rookie
Red Velvet – Would U
ROMEO – Without You
Sam Kim – Who Are You
SECHKIES – Couple (2016)
SEOHYUN – Don’t Say No
Seven O’Clock – Echo
SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry
SF9 – Easy Love
SISTAR – Lonely
SNUPER – Back:Hug
SONAMOO – I Think I Love U
Suran Feat. Changmo – Wine
Taewan – I Need You
Taeyeon – Fine
Taeyeon – I Got Love
Taeyeon – Make Me Love You
TopSecret – She
TWICE – Knock Knock
TWICE – Signal
VARSITY – Hole In One
VARSITY – U R My Only One
VAV – Flower (You)
VAV – Venus (Dance With Me)
WINNER – Really Really
Zion.T – The Song[/bs-text] [bs-text title=”Outro Song” icon=”fa-music” title_link=”” heading_color=”” heading_style=”default” bs-show-desktop=”1″ bs-show-tablet=”1″ bs-show-phone=”1″ css=””]Track: Rogers & Dean – No Doubt [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Download / Stream:[/bs-text]

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