Top 100 K-Pop Chart for April 2015 (Month End)


The lost month end chart for April 2015 has been found!

My own personal top 100 K-Pop chart for the month of April 2015. The chart is compiled using an inverse point system on my weekly charts (number 1 gets 100 points; 2 gets 99 and so on). If there is a tie, then the peak position, total weeks on and average position are used to break the tie… if there’s still songs with the same values, then there will be multiple songs with the same position.

Here are some quick links to places in the chart:

Top 75: 8:49
Top 50: 17:10
Top 40: 20:13
Top 30: 23:33
Top 20: 27:00
Top 10: 30:28

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