Zhomi is back in the hosting duties for The Show, with new host Yerin (GFRIEND) and a guest host for the solo stage from DIA’s Seunghee.  OMG Yerin is just so bubbly and funny as a host… much like how she was on variety shows…  she’s definitely going work out well on this show… but some of her aegyo makes me cringe a little… (cause it’s so good)

Performances This Week

Baby Boo – 12 o’clock
IMFACT – Troublemaker
IMFACT – Lollipop
CoCoSoRi – Dark Circle
HALO – Feels So Good
FlaShe – Lip Bomb
The Legend – Crush On You
Nop.K – Climax
YEZI – Cider
CROSS GENE – Hey You, Noona
ANDA – Taxi
Stellar – Sting
Dal*Shabet – Someone LIke U
MOSE X Lady Jane – feel
Teen Top – Warning Sign
Ryeowook – The Little Prince

Top 3

Ryeowook – The Little Prince (7761)
GFRIEND – Rough (8044)
Teen Top – Warning Sign (6585)


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