The Show is back this week with Yerin and special guest hosts Kangin and Shinbi.  There’s also a ton of comeback stages this week including Jo Kwon, Jo Jung Min, Rion Five and more!

Performances This Week

APL – Might Die
VOISPER – In Your VOice
IMFACT – Lollipop
Big Brain – Your Girl
4TEN – Severely
SIX BOMB – Wait 10 Years Baby
Rion Five – Unbroken
Jo Jung Min – Superman
The Legend – Crush On Your
NU’EST – Overcome
CROSS GENE – Hey You, Noona
AOA CREAM – I’m Jelly Baby
Nop.K – Climax
Brave Girls – Deepened
Rainbow – Whoo
Jo Kwon – Crosswalk
Double S 301 – Pain

The Show Choice Top 3

GFRIEND – Rough (7019)
CROSS GENE – Hey You, Noona (6839)
WINNER: Double S 301 – Pain (7062)


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