The Qmentary – Teen Top – ah ah


At first I was like… what the heck is this…

Apparently 1theK is trying out a new series (like #hashtag or Let’s Dance) that features an artist promoting a new song.  But this one is like a court setting with Brian from Fly To The Sky as the judge/moderator.  It seemed really corny at first… especially with the dancing the Brian does in the intro.

Then it gets into the content and it was kinda funny.  It’s pretty fast paced (probably thanks to editing) but still, it’s a pretty engaging 10 minutes.

Teen Top each got to show their charms to the camera (except Changjo who got the least amount of air time).

Brian actually plays  good moderator host role and swaps between English and Korean very smoothly (to the point where he doesn’t pronounce English words using the Korean phonetic pronunciation… it’s just plain English… and I like it).

Should be interesting to see how future episodes of this turns out.



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