The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 4

The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 4

Seung-chan goes over to the PDs house drunk… LOL.  He drops the honorifics (oh boy)…and even pulls on her cheeks…  But he’s sooo drunk he’s probably not aware…

producers-e04-001 producers-e04-002 producers-e04-003Just after that PD Ra comes home drunk as well…not able to open the door lol…  Then both of them go on a drunken rant about how imperfect PD Tak is… LOL

producers-e04-004 producers-e04-005 producers-e04-006The next morning…

producers-e04-007Then the PDs had to come clean about their living arrangement, but he still thinks that they’re more like friends with benefits instead… LOL  But then in the explanation PD Tak is a little disappointed that PD Ra thinks of them as just friends.

producers-e04-008Seungchan runs into his sister and mom and they ask him to get his brother-in-law on a show on the station he works at.  He’s reluctant to do it.

producers-e04-009They’re trying to cast that last spot and they get a call from JYP… they were hoping to get Suzy; and they got JYP himself instead… lol

producers-e04-010Meanwhile Cindy tells her CEO that she wants to do the 2 Days and 1 Night show.  She convinces her CEO by calling her mom and by saying all the facts that Seungchan gave.  Her manager is worried that she won’t be able to handle it.

producers-e04-011PD Tak is still worried that Seungchan will tell people about her and PD Ra.  To the point where they have lunch together to make sure he doesn’t say anything.  He also finds out that Hae Joo is no longer with PD Ra… so he thinks he has a chance, but PD Tak kinda squashes that.

producers-e04-012 producers-e04-013In the mail, PD Tak gets a summons to go in front of the KCC for the Cindy see-through incident.  PD Tak calls in the head manager and says tells him Cindy won’t be allowed on the show.  The manger flips out but just leaves… making the staff wonder what’s going to happen next.

producers-e04-015Cindy’s CEO meanwhile is negotiating the terms for Cindy to be on 2 Days 1 Night.  The staff can’t believe how he got Cindy to agree… the girls think it’s because Seungchan is good looking.

producers-e04-017 producers-e04-018Cindy then calls Seungchan to meet in the parking lot.  She tells him that she decided to program specifically just because of him.  She also gives the same speech to PD Ra.  But PD Ra tells her that she just has to be herself… which makes her look a little uneasy.

producers-e04-019 producers-e04-020Seungchan runs into the PDs on his way home and PD Ra gets a phone call from his mom to set up a blind date.  This makes PD Tak a little jealous and Seungchan sees it.

producers-e04-021The team is preparing the games and getting ready to go on the trip.  All the things Seungchan packed seemed a little silly, so PD Tak takes him to get things.

producers-e04-023 producers-e04-024The first day arrives where they film the stars being surprised awaken…  But in the end Cindy was treating it like she’s acting…

producers-e04-025 producers-e04-026 producers-e04-027Cameo time…  Sandara Park [2NE1], Kim Min Jae, Kim Ji Soo, Min Woo [Boyfriend], Kang Seung Yoon [Winner]


producers-e04-028 producers-e04-029 producers-e04-030producers-e04-031producers-e04-032producers-e04-033 The girls are already teaming up against Cindy… LOL.  They’re going to try to make it where Cindy is going to be the odd girl out.  But Sandara is feeling out of place since she’s the oldest.  Even the pairings are being pre-worked out.

producers-e04-034 producers-e04-036 producers-e04-035In the first pairing, the guys have to pick the girls… and the one that doesn’t has to go with Seungchan and find their way to base camp by themselves…

producers-e04-037 producers-e04-038 producers-e04-039

Cindy ended up with no one…but she cooly laughed it off.  The CEO went nuts.  Cindy is using the show as a way of acting things out and trying to get people to like her and not show her true self.  To the point where she’s going to use Seungchan and try to pair up with him instead of the celebrities.

producers-e04-040The two of them have to drive to the base camp…and Cindy finds that Seungchan doesn’t know her songs or dramas… hahah…

producers-e04-041Cindy’s CEO goes to the set to ask the celebs why they didn’t pick Cindy lol…

producers-e04-042 producers-e04-043Meanwhile Cindy and Seungchan are walking to the camp, and the usual almost trip and fall happens…. then heart flutter…

producers-e04-044 producers-e04-045producers-e04-046 PD Ra’s mom calls PD Tak and asks her if he has a girlfriend or not.  PD Tak tries to hide her feelings and what’s going on, and his mom asks her to set him up.  Of course Tak goes to her brother for advice…Her brother tells her that if they’ve been friends this long, it means that he likes her…

producers-e04-047 producers-e04-048producers-e04-049Cindy and Seungchan seem lost in the mountains… and it starts to rain….

producers-e04-050 producers-e04-051

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