The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 3

The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 3

Episode 3 starts with Seung-chan appearing on Hello Counselor… LOL… saying he’s not wanting to go to work.  He basically tells the story to the panelists… if you seen the actual show before, it’s pretty funny where people go on to air out things that concerns them and sees if people agree.


But… it was a dream.

producers-e03-003He goes to the PDs apartment and takes their milk (lol) … trying to figure out if it’s a one night thing or not… since he thinks that PD Ra and his crush Hae Joo are still together.

producers-e03-004 producers-e03-005PD Ra and PD Tak are at the breakfast table and Tak already is attacking Hae Joo’s character.  PD Ra quickly attacks back saying, why don’t you date… and she counters that she chooses not to… And we are shown why… she gets into relationships that are just hopeless and he has to come comfort her.  HE tells her that she should just take care of herself instead of getting involved with others.

producers-e03-006 producers-e03-007Cameo time..  Yoo Hee Yeol, Shin Dong Yup, Jun Hyun Moo, Yoon Jong Shin, and Jo Jung Chi… all of which turned them down to be part of the revamped show…  They’re trying to figure out what concept to do, and Seung-chan is asked for an idea — to which he says matchmaking…  At first he gets groans that it’s overdone, but he shows how there are cycles and the time is right for a new show with that concept.  PD Ra didn’t seem to be liking it… implying it was too academic.

producers-e03-010producers-e03-011producers-e03-012producers-e03-013producers-e03-014   Outside, PD Tak runs into Seung-chan’s mother (but she doesn’t know this) and they get into an argument about garbage separation… lol… Seung-chan’s father sees this and intervenes.  He then complains to her that she should be more dignified so he can get a higher status as a district leader.   Then we find out that Seung-chan’s mom is actually an accomplished teacher and would have been principal if she didn’t ste down to help her father.

producers-e03-015 producers-e03-016While Seung-chan is “erasing” tapes, PD Tak walks by and shows him that he actually has to use the magnetic field machine to erase the contents, not just white out the outside… (I hope he’s not that dense…)  He asks her if she can keep a secret… but PD Tak turns it around by saying to let her repay the debt in installments… Seung-chan is hesistant but she pushes and actually makes it like it’s part of training… where he has to use the first installment to buy chips lol.

producers-e03-017 producers-e03-018He comes back with the chips, but runs into PD Tak and Hae Joo together (after she had a good cry).  And this makes him confused… how can PD Ra like Hae Joo, be living with PD Tak and Tak and Hae Joo be friends….  The chips he brings back isn’t to the PD’s liking and he didn’t bring anything else…

producers-e03-030Looks like PD Tak’s car is blocked in by two other cars… and no one is willing to help her.  LOL.  She calls PD Ra, but no luck.

producers-e03-022 So of course…

producers-e03-023After Seung-chan helps her. he asks if she has a boyfriend.  Just then, the cherry blossoms starts to fall…

producers-e03-024Back in the team meeting, PD Ra is showing the concept of the new show, and is making like it’s not a match making show.  The team attributes the idea to the rookie (which is nice), but in order to help the PD save face, Seung-chan just makes it seem like it was the PD’s idea.  (In actuality in an earlier meeting with the chief, it was brought up as an aside and he liked that idea the best).

producers-e03-025PD Tak is at home waiting for PD Ra to come home… in the meantime her brother comes by and gives her some advice about why she doesn’t have a man.  LOL.  It’s because she’s too eagar and matter of fact.  He implies that she should be more coy.

producers-e03-026Wow Cindy’s place is nice… but she’s upset there are more antifan sites coming up for her.  She gets an SNS from Seung-chan asking for the umbrella to be returned as soon as possible.  She’s ind of shocked that that’s all he wanted.

producers-e03-027Hani from EXID was supposed to show up for their new show but she got into a fight and was held at the police station which might jeopardize her appearance.  Because of this they need a replace, so Seung-chan asks if they should ask Cindy.  They sarcastically say that he should ask her to see if she would do the show (knowing that it probably wouldn’t happen).  But even the execs think they should cast someone like Cindy or Suzy…

producers-e03-029 producers-e03-018Similar to the last time, when PD Tak gave Seungchan the money, she asks him to go out and get her pancakes…in the end she’s going to use the money on this food than he give it to his dad.

Seung-chan gets a phone call from Cindy saying she hasn’t returned the umbrella yet.  He actually goes out to meet with her.  She still thinks her has some other motive but he actually doesn’t.  He asks her to be on the show, but her CEO interferes with the plan.

producers-e03-031 producers-e03-033For some reason PD Ra takes Seungchan out for dinner and they get him plastered.

producers-e03-034 producers-e03-035The whole time though… he never gave up his pancakes.  He goes to deliver them and just collapses in PD Tak’s arms…

producers-e03-036 producers-e03-037 producers-e03-038In the epilogue we see PD Tak’s former boyfriends… lol…

producers-e03-039 producers-e03-040

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