The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 2

The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 2

So apparently PD Ra and PD Tak knew each other since they were in elementary school.  Maybe they’re just childhood friends.

producer-e02-001HAHA… I guess…  One night they went out drinking when PD Tak was having landlord issues.  Apparently when drunk PD Ra made a promise to let PD Tak stay at his place for four months… LOL  OK that explains that part.

producer-e02-002 producer-e02-003They go back to complaining about their bad day… and come to find out that PD Ra didn’t tell anyone about the show being cancelled yet.

They focus back on Seung-chan who’s taking his new job seriously, studying comedy bits.  While going out to take out the garbage he walks into his crush…. to be crushed that she admits she has a boyfriend (PD Ra).

producer-e02-005 producer-e02-006Apparently PD Tak’s brother is also somewhat living with them.  And there’s tension where it seems like PD Tak actually does like PD Ra.  The brother reminds her that they once owned the building… and he’s always scheming on weays of setting up his sister to marry a rich man.  She even wonders if Seung-chan would even force her to pay for the damage… but his dad says she should LOL.  That and we find out that he’s not too pleased that he’s in the variety department ><

producer-e02-007 producer-e02-009 producer-e02-011 The on the job training is over and the assignments are going out… and Seung-Chan gets 2 Days, 1 Night… omg…  The team is down-trodden… and they ask Seung-chan to give ideas on how to let the cast go… and they shoot down his idea.  They then ask him to get toner and he gets shot down there… talk about setting up to fail.  She who controls the supplies… controls all… LOL  (Note: be nice to your secretaries and business office people lol)

producer-e02-015 producer-e02-017Then we see the rumored dirty side of the K-Pop industry.  where the CEOs push the people to the limits with training and weird diets.  And how the agency turns group members against each other.

producer-e02-020 producer-e02-021The team tries to figure out how too tell some of their cast members that the show is ending.  It looks like no one wants to tell Yoon Yuh Jong that the show is ending… I have a feeling I know who’s going to be assigned this.  At first she acts like she doesn’t understand… and actually she doesn’t. … she thinks the show is changing to be centered around her…  OMG…

producer-e02-024 producer-e02-004At the farewell dinner, everyone except Yuh Jong knew what was going on… when she finds out… its not pretty.  She rightfully gets upset for being treated like an object instead of a person.  PD Ra then takes it out on Seung-chan, when it’s actually his own fault.

producer-e02-025 producer-e02-026 producer-e02-027 producer-e02-028 producer-e02-029PD Ra goes to the rookie party… to break it off with Hye Joon.

producer-e02-031 producer-e02-032Back at the office, Seung-chan is feeling down and is caught by another senior PD trying to switch chairs (since his is broken).  The phone rings and it’s Yuh Jong calling for PD Ra.  She actually is a little more forgiving in the end, admitting that she actually had fun on the show.

producer-e02-033Another cameo here… Kim Jong Kook as PD of a show Open Concert…

producer-e02-023On his way out, Seung-chan runs into Cindy and loans her an umbrella.  Since he’s worried that she won’t return it (thus comes out of his paycheck), he asks for her number, which makes her suspicious.  She gives him a fake number, and Seung-chan immediately calls it and asks her for her number again.  She eventually gives it to him as a crowd of students comes by.  Later we see her using the umbrella to her advantage, by being able to go around eating things she shouldn’t be because of her diet.

producer-e02-035 producer-e02-038At the rookie welcoming party, Seung-Chan isn’t there and the main PD is saying that it wasn’t right to take it all out on him.  Seung-chan eventually gives PD Ra the message and the tea, but it was after he already apologized again to Yuh Jong.

producer-e02-036On the way home, Seung-chan overhears PD Ra and PD Tak saying that they want Seung-Chan gone.

producer-e02-039Then there’s a flashback to the night when the living agreement was made… apparently, there was more than just a contract signed…

producer-e02-040 producer-e02-041

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