The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 1

The Producers (프로듀사) – Episode 1 Review

So I know I’m pretty behind on this one… but busy… ><  I’m finally catching up on this, especially since it has Kim Soo Hyun and IU in it…  May contain spoilers so….

Basically the show seems to be about a rookie Producer Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun’s character) who is just starting at KBS.  He signs up to be one because a person from college that he likes works there in a similar department.  Seung-chan is under PD Kim Tae-ho (who is often mistaken for another PD with a similar name) who makes it seem like he’s popular, but is not (only his name is popular).

producer_e01-001 producer_e01-004There’s a cameo from SNSD-TTS in a cafeteria scene… and it’s shown how Taeyeon doesn’t know who he is, and mistakes him for the more famous PD.

producer_e01-005Seung-chan is eventually assigned to the work with the strict vicious PD Tak Ye-jin (Gong Hyo-jin) who produces Music Bank (woohoo!).   While explaining how the shots work, a camera shows the person that Seung-chan likes (Shin Hae Joo) sitting with another producer Ra Joon Mo.  They eventually run into each other in the halls but Hae-joo doesn’t remember the details of how they know each other; which makes Seung-chan a bit depressed.

producer_e01-006 producer_e01-007Ra Joon Mo is another senior producer at KBS who does 2 Days 1 Night Season 4 (which technically doesn’t exist IRL, but…).  He’s often at the KCC (Korean Communication Commission) due to violations.  There are rumors that his show is going to be cancelled due to low ratings…and everyone seems to know it but him.

producer_e01-008 producer_e01-009Eventually the news catches up to him and the rumors were somewhat true… He’s told to give up the show and he can keep his job, but he has to get a new staff…  His staff, of course, is not pleased over this since it’s the second time he’s waited to the last minute to tell them; thus throwing their lives into chaos.  Though, he’s a kind man at heart and tried his best to keep them on.

producer_e01-014Back to PD Tak… apparently there’s a situation with a popular singer Cindy (IU’s character), where she refuses to follow the dress code rules.  It’s weird to see IU in such a bitchy role… she seems so cute and innocent in everything else ><  PD Tak talks to her manager, insisting she needs to follow the rules… At firs the manager says ok, but eventually comes back cowering saying Cindy refuses.

producer_e01-011 producer_e01-012PD Tak tries to push her weight around to make it seem like she’s always in control, but then Cindy threatens to live the show.  She sends the rookies out and then somewhat pleads with Cindy to change her mind and wear a jacket over it.  Cindy eventually agrees… however, when doing the live show, she takes off the jacket… LOL

A running theme in this episode from the beginning was a minor car accident in the parking lot, where PD Tak dents the door of Seung-chan’s car.  LOL  At first she wasn’t going to call it in, but since they’re documenting the progress of the rookie producers, it was caught on video.  Throughout the episode she keeps trying to contact the owner of the car, not knowing it’s Seung-chan.  Eventually at the end of the day, they come to the realization of who each other is dealing with.

producer_e01-013We also get introduced to Seung-chan’s family… who seems very religious but at the same time, has very high expectations for the family.  There’s obvious tension in the family, where the eldest son is having problems passing the civil servant exams, the eldest daughter doesn’t want to be talked about and the youngest daughter is like the forgotten child.  The father seems obsessed in maintaining that he has a high standards family but we have to see how this plays out.

producer_e01-016We also see PD Tak and PD Ra’s home life… apparently they live together… but wait.. I thought PD Ra was dating the person that Seung-chan liked…. so are they a couple or siblings?… hrmm..  In another scene, PD Ra also seems to have something totally against the CEO of Cindy’s company.  He insists on buying food for Cindy and her manager and keeps cursing out the CEO… who apparently has a reputation for not being liked and pushing her weight around to get what she wants…

producer_e01-015So after all of this… I wonder if the two PD’s were married… and maybe if Cindy is their daughter… But… we have to see as the show goes on.

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