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Music Core E494 160227

Music Core E494 (2016-02-27)

Music Core is back this week with debuts from WJSN and ASTRO; and comebacks from MAMAMOO, B.A.P, Taemin, and more! #kpop #musiccore
Music Bank E850 160226

Music Bank E825 (2016-02-26)

Music Bank is back with comebacks from B.A.P, Ladies Code, MAMAMOOO and more. #kpop #musicbank
MCountdown E462

M!Countdown E462 (2016-02-25)

M!Countdown is back with tons of comeback stages from Taemin, B.A.P and MAMAMOO, and debut stages from WJSN & ASTRO. #kpop #musicbank
Show Champion E175 160224

Show Champion E175 (2016-02-24)

This week features comebacks from 4TEN, Ladies' Code, NU'EST and more. #kpop #showchampion
The Show S05E04 160223

The Show S05E04 (2016-02-23)

The Show is back this week with Yerin and special guest hosts Kangin and Shinbi. #kpop #theshow