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Inkigayo E979 Hosts

Inkigayo E979 (2018-10-21)

Inkigayo is back this week with comebacks from Lee Hong Gi, SOYA, APRIL, Sohee and Kim Dong Ha.
Simply K-Pop Hosts E333

Simply K-Pop E333 (2018-10-20)

Simply K-Pop the K-pop show hosted in English has comebacks this week from Kim Dong Han and APRIL
Simply K-Pop E332 Hosts

Simply K-Pop E332 (2018-10-13)

Jacob and Kevin of THE BOYZ hosts the weekly K-Pop show actually in English! This week has comebacks from SoYou and Nakjoon!NOIR - Airplane...
Simply K-Pop E331 Hosts

Simply K-Pop E331 (2018-10-06)

The K-Pop show that's actually hosted in English, Simply K-Pop. Featuring performances from PENTAGON & THE BOYZ
Show Champion E287 Host

Show Champion E287 (2018-10-03)

Show Champion is back this week with more of your K-Pop favorites with host Kim Shinyoung.
The Show E165 Hosts

The Show E165 (2018-10-02)

The Show is back this week with your favorite K-Pop performances including WJSN, GWSN and Dreamcatcher.