SEVENTEEN – Ranking Is Up To Me! EP01-03


In collaboration with 5DUCKS, SEVENTEEN is making a series of videos showing off their charms with a Best 5 series.  So far there were three episodes and they have been pretty interesting to me…

Episode 1 - Best 5 Personal Mobility

Episode 1 features the entire group trying out five different kinds of personal transportation…

Episode 2 - Best 5 Convenience Store Recipe

Episode 2 features the Hip Hop team going to the convenience store and making some interesting concoctions with what you can get there for pretty cheap.  Some of it actually looks good…

Episode 3 - Best 5 Boyfriend Look

Episode 3 has the Vocal Team go out to find the best boyfriend look… to be judged by the Hip Hop and Performance team.  LOL…

Looks like this is going to be a weekly event.  Should be interesting to see the upcoming ones!


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