Samsung Note 7 – Pre-Release Impressions

So for those that know me… I really like to keep my phone up to date.  And lately, I really like the design and functionality of Samsung phones.. particularly the Note series.  Which the Galaxy S line was nice, and the Edge was decent, I like the functionality of being able to write with the Note and Pen, when I need to.

Note 7 Renders & Colors

This time around the phone will come in a total of four colors at launch, but only three are available in the US market.  The colors in the US will be Black Onyx, Titanium Silver and Coral Blue.  International releases will have a gold option.  For me, the Coral Blue is nice, but I thought that it would wear off (even if my favorite color is blue), so I chose, the standard black, which I hope really is black, which the Note 5 is not.

In comparison to the Note 5, the Note 7 actually doesn’t have a whole lot of new features.  The biggest features that were added on this go around are the SD card slot which was removed from the Note 5.  Also the Note 7 is certified water resistant but hopefully without the problems of the Galaxy Active.

The S Pen also is improved with new functionality.  The neatest feature is where you can take any video and make it into an animated GIF.  I know there are tools that do this already, but if I can do it super easily this way… think of the damage ><

Other adjustments are minor improvements to the UI… which is nice as long as it makes the performance better and not look hideous.

To see what is supposed to be in store for the new Note 7, watch their keynote (which is pretty long and at times long winded), but it covers pretty much everything.

The Note 7 comes out in the US on August 19, 2016, while it comes out in the UK in September (which is a change, since they were totally skipped over for the Note 5).  I’m planning to do a review once mine comes in.

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