Rebuild My PC – Part 3

More parts… weee!

While it’s technically not recommended… I actually bought the motherboard without the CPU.  Why?  Cause I assumed the processor (the Intel Core I7  6700K) would be out around the same time as the board.. Boy was I wrong.  If I’m lucky, it’ll be out at the end of August… if not, it might be as late as October.

So for my new mother board, I went with the Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7.  I just like Gigabyte boards… they’re built fairly well and have lots of features.  Their BIOS sometimes is a bit weird and not pretty looking like MSI, but it’s functional.

Plus if you really mess up the BIOS, with it’s DUAL BIOS and on board reset buttons, it’s really hard to lock yourself out of the machine with incompatible specs.  It’s decent for overclocking and has enough expand-ability considering how much space my case has, and the unlikelihood that I’ll be running video cards in SLI.

Since the new Intel Core i& K series chips don’t come with a stock CPU fan, I needed to get one…. again before I actually got the processor.  This time, I think I went a bit overboard and went for one of the higher rated air coolers out there.  The Noctua NH-D15 is a pretty substantial cooler.  The heatsink and fans are HUGE.  So before you get one of these you have to make sure your case can take it… as well as your motherboard configuration (i.e. your memory and other cabling needs to be able to clear).

Really hoping the processor comes out sooner than later…  Pretty much all of the parts are here less some minor case fans and such, but once the processor is here, then the whole new machine can be put together.  For now, everything is just sitting on their boxes ><  Just waiting…

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