Rebuild My PC – Part 2

The next set of parts have arrived for the new PC…  Slowly getting there.

Since I’m planning to upgrade to the new Intel Skylake CPU, I needed to get new memory (and a new motherboard).  And because I use a lot of memory intensive programs (for video and picture editing) I went with 32GB of DDR4 memory.

These Crucial Ballistix 32GB DDR4 modules aren’t the fastest but they were priced just right (not that much more than their DDR3 counterparts)… if only they had a quad pack of 16 GB modules…

I also decided to get a new case… especially since the new graphics card (see Part 1) is so huge.  Hopefully this Obsidian 750D is big enough… the box sure seems to be.  The reviews for it were pretty good.

New case then also means, new power supply…  So I got the Corsair RM850.  Nice modular connectors and quiet fans… though more than likely they’re going to be running most of the time.  At least it’s efficient… and pretty.

SO yeah, pretty much all that’s left to go is the motherboard, processor and cooler.  I hope the i7 6700k come more available sooner than later.  Would be pretty sad, having all this other stuff but the main piece is missing :/

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