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Music Core E492 (2016-02-13)

Valentines is in the air at Music Core... This week features unit debut from AOA Cream.

Valentines is in the air at Music Core… ┬áThis week features unit debut from AOA Cream.

[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Performances This Week” header_color=”#dd3333″]CROSS GENE – Hey You, Noona
VROMANCE – Already Winter
IMFACT – Lollipop
Nop.K – Climax
Stellar – Sting
The Legend – Crush On You
Yu Seung Woo Feat. Crucial Star – Whatever
Dal*Shabet – Someone Like U
AOA Cream – I’m Jelly Baby
Solji & Du JinSu – Western Sky

HOT 3: 4Minute – Canvas / Hate

HOT 3: GFRIEND – Luv Star / Rough

HOT 3: Teen Top – Don’t Drink / Warning Sign[/td_block_text_with_title]

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Selected Performances” playlist_yt=”sY7HLwquoPQ, dVFnf6c8fig, Qxwe2jTk0ec, wsUODqSlBps, IXwIk9CY7Ko, 4ub_44BparE, xH3AKZiEKDU, apASNy0DkT4, gH7wCNPIhEE, GC33VMCiZ34, xdgr0s3rNcY, bZhzUoip9y4, jGZysfoBAhc, https://ag5uh_47KOM, gA5yDm7Ozmc”]
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