MONSTA X is back with their third mini album called The Clan – Part 1 – Lost.

MONSTA X - Lost (Digital Cover)

There are two physical versions of the album, cleverly called Lost Version and Found Version.  The Lost version has darker pictures and some pretty sexy ones too… the big shocker for me was a picture of Jooheon.  The Found version has lighter pictures and some from the All In video shoot.

Found Version

MONSTA X - The Clan Part 1 - Found Version

Lost Version

MONSTA X - The Clan Part 1 - Lost Version

Each version comes with a random member card and an invitation to a album event.  For the Found edition, mine came with an I.M card (yay) and for the Lost Version I got Won Ho’s card.

I.M Card

I.M Card

Won Ho Card

Won Ho Card

Ex Girl (Feat. Whee In from MAMAMOO)

The pre-release single for the album features Whee In from MAMAMOO playing the part of the Ex-girlfriend.  The song is a sweet mid-tempo song playfully wondering if a couple should get back together.  Both sides are admitting they had faults and wondering if they can start anew.

All In (걸어)

The title track of the album with a very, very bizarre video…  I really don’t know what to make of it nor what it’s really supposed to be about… I guess I have to watch it a few more times to even begin to understand…

All In - Music Video

The song is about a guy telling a girl that he’d be All In for her… You know, the typically, I only need you, only want you, would do anything for you…   Just put to a dance/trap-ish beat rather than an oozing ballad.   Cause sometimes this way works better than crooning your heart out…

Doesn’t hurt that the dance is pretty tight and the concept outfits are a bit revealing…

All In - Dance Version

Stuck (네게만 집착해)

This could easily be the follow up single to All In if this EP is going to have one.  The song is about a guy telling his girl to just focus on him since he’s only focused on her.  At times it seems like they’re paranoid thinking about if their girl is seeing other guys… but at the time time they say that don’t worry that he’s not dangerous… riiight…

The rap before the vocal chorus hits is hard hitting and fast.  The variable tempo of the track makes the message of the song more solid since the verses build up to a frenzy (the obsession) and then the chorus calms it back down (baby don’t worry).

Sweetheart (백설탕)

After the rollercoster ride of Stuck, Sweetheart slows the album down to a loungey sounding R&B song.  So, maybe he did get the girl he was obsessing over in Stuck and now he’s just gushing over her.  Saying she’s pretty and when she looks at him he gets shy… and how she’s like white sugar (which is the literal translation of the title).

Unfair Love (반칙이야)

This one is where MONSTA X tries to rock out.  Complete with guitar riffs and fist pumpy chrous… and obligatory nah nahs…  But then it’s not a MONSTA X without a killer rap break right?

If this is like a story, then now it seems like the newly formed couple is having some problems… since now he’s claiming she’s being unfair … in that she might not be into him as much as he is into her.  Or maybe it’s because he’s a little obsessive?  I dunno, the lyrics from Stuck are a little creepy.

Because Of U

Because of U is kinda of a funky R&B song with a shifty beat.  Kinda reminds me of a song that Beenzino would do.  The song is about a guy wanting to get back together with his girl and she seems really disinterested… so he’s trying to convince her why they should get back together.  To be honest it’s a bit of an anti-climactic way to end the album, but if the album is trying to tell a story, this is like leaving it at a cliffhanger to figure out if they do get back together again.

Overall Review

MONSTA X’s third mini album seems to be about relationships ending, starting up and ending again.  It’s kinda a rollercoaster ride in terms of how the songs progress and while the songs at the end aren’t my favorite, the sequencing seems appropriate for the continuity of the story.  True fans will love the whole album as it is listenable all the way through, but for the casual listener, the first 3 songs are the best.


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