Mini Album Review – Teen Top – Natural Born


Teen Top is back with their latest mini album Natural Born.  The album comes with two different covers, Passion (the pinkish cover),


and Dream (the black cover).

teen-top-natural-born-dreamThe title track “ah-ah (아침부터 아침까지)” actually translates more to From Morning to Morning.  The song is a disco sounding dance pop song that is more along the lines of their older songs which were more dancey and bubbly.  Though, with this one, the lyrics are still mature and not as giddy as their old songs.  The mix is good, as their moody R&B songs were kinda a downer for me.  The video set look a lot like BESTie’s Excuse Me… it would have been really funny if they walked in instead of the four girls in the video…  Overall I would give it a 88/100.  It’s not a “Crazy” or “Be Ma Girl” but it’s pretty good.

HOT LIKE FIRE opens the mini album with a song club sound… think a more mature sounding Rockin’ (No Joke).

5계절 (5 Seasons) just says summer… though it also reminds me of Neil’s spring EP…  Complete with horns and shuffly beat, it’s definite summer jam.

그 전화 받지 마 (Please) is literally Don’t Answer The Phone.  It’s more similar to their songs Missing and I’m Sorry.

I Love It… reminds me of another song by a rap artist… but I can’t place it right now… ah thought of it… J.Counter X Stringer – Snowing…. more so the blips in the chorus.

헷갈려 (Confusing) has that old R&B groove sound.  A nice way to round out the mini-album.  Maybe they could use this as a comeback stage track.


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