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Mini Album Review – SISTAR – Shake It

SISTAR is back with their third mini-album for the summer.  The album actually comes with four different covers.

SISTAR - Shake It (Multi)If I had to pick one, it would be Bora 🙂

Kinda like AOA’s new mini-album, I was waiting for this one (cmon girls, the boys are killing you at the moment).  The title track “Shake It” is a summer song with it’s happy bubbly lyrics.  The video a little strange in that it takes place in a school.  I would think it would take place in a club or at the beach… but that’s just me.  Kang Kyunsng from Noel reprises his role as the pervert (ala BESTie’s “Excuse Me” video)… wonder if he is one… those ballad singers I tell you.  Also featured are MONSTA X… how nice of them lol.  The song itself lacks the catchy sing-a-long chorus that most SISTAR songs have… and there’s also no build up to the chorus like their previous hits had as well.  Oh well.  Overall it’s alright, but at times, I wondered who Hyorin’s stylist was cause at times her hair was a bit of a mess…  Song and video rating 80/100.

애처럼 굴지마 (Don’t Be A Baby) features Giriboy on rap… and this one is a typical album track from SISTAR… the song they would use to promote their comeback.

GOOD TIME is another kinda catch pop track that could also be used to help promote the album.  Kinda a good weekend cruising song.

나쁜놈 (Bad Guy) features Mad Clown on rap.  Slower R&B song that deviates from the happy song of the previous songs.  But the vocals are really good and emotional.  Probably my second favorite song on the mini album).

GO UP rounds out the album and it goes back to the summer-y sound.  This time it’s more of a pop-rock song with electric guitars… The verse structure kinda reminds me of Loving U, but it doesn’t have the build up to the chorus.

Overall the album is a good summer album.  While 나쁜놈 is actually a little out of place, it’s a nice differentiating track to round out the album…. I guess they had to throw a ballad in there.

Over rating, 85/100.

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