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Mini-Album Review – AOA – Heart Attack

AOA is back with their third mini-album Heart Attack.  Was kinda anticipating this one since their last few releases have been pretty catchy; with choruses that just hook you in, and video concepts that were just awesome.

AOA - Heart Attack CoverThis one was… well, a bit weird.  For their title track, “Heart Attack (심쿵해)”, if it were any other girl group debut kinda song, it would have been pretty decent.  It had the dancey-poppy sound I like in a pop song, just not from AOA…  It just didn’t match.  Their voices sounded so weak and muddled behind the overly tinny instrumentation that I was disappointed.  It’ll probably grow on me over time, but for now, it’s just a bit disappointing.   The video… I don’t know what to say there either.  The story is about them being on a lacrosse team that sucks lol…and even after getting a new player (another member of the group), they still aren’t that good…they just use their female charms to distract the guys ><  C’mon, give me a Get Out or Like A Cat concept video again…  Both the song and video get a 70/100 from me.

Luv Me, is a disco-y pop song that would make a good promotional track for the comeback stage.  It’s happy but won’t distract from the title track too much.

들어와 (Come To Me) sounds more like the AOA style, where their vocals are put more forward… and could have easily been the lead track too.

한 개 (One Thing) kinda reminds me of Amber’s “Heights” in how it builds up from the verse to the chorus.  Though, this one has similar elements as the title track, which while the components of the song is what I like, it just doesn’t work for their style.  I was expecting more powerful vocals but with this production it’s pretty reduced.

진짜 (Really Really) starts of ballad-y, but that weird sample that comes on every so often is just awkward.  Probably the weakest song on the mini-album in my opinion.

Chocolate closes out the mini-album with a smooth R&B song but nothing really special; though it’s a nice soothing way to close out the album.

Overall the mini-album is just OK for me…  Even the picture on the digital art makes them look pissed off >.> when I think they were going for fierce?  Here’s hoping the next one is better than this one.

Overall rating 70/100.

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