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Mini-Album Review – Amber – Beautiful

Amber - Beautiful

Amber (엠버) – Beautiful

The loveable llama from f(x) busts out from the group with her first solo debut mini-album entitled Beautiful.  Known for her rapping more than her singing, it’s nice to see her break out of her f(x) mold and do a mix of both.  Given that she’s multilingual as well, there’s quite a bit of English on the album… and at least there isn’t the f(x) weird Engrish “ga-gee (gauge)” ><  The digital version was released on February 13, 2015 and the physical edition was released on February 16.

Song by Song Review

1. Beautiful

The title track (but not the lead single, which is confusing if you use K-pop lingo standards)…of the album “Beautiful” is a nice ballad where you hear Amber *gasp* singing.  It was released as a pre-release lyric video on February 9.  The song shows her more vulnerable side.


2. Shake That Brass (Feat. Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation)

The lead single from the album which features Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon on vocals… You don’t really hear Taeyeon until near the end of the song and the occasional adlibs here and there.  The song is a snazzy dance pop track with, naturally, lots of brass (synthesized brass probably).  This one is more of her known rapping style with the singing left to Taeyeon.  The video is pretty funny with lots of cameos… can you name all the people?


3. Love Run

Mid-tempo track that’s kinda has that lazy afternoon feel.  One of those songs that you can just relax to, or go on a nice scenic drive to…  Very good and dreamy to me.

4. Heights

A dance track with Amber singing out.  At times it seems like she’s straining a bit to hit some of the notes, but the general flow of the song makes it one of my favorites … I guess more because it’s more towards what I normally would listen to if not K-Pop, vocal dance/trance songs.

5. Just Wanna (Feat. Eric Nam)

Had high expectations for this song… two of my favorite K-Pop artists together on one song.  Considering they are friends too, wanted to see how it would turn out.  The song overall is in English and honestly, a little simple.  It could pass for a regular pop song in the states but it’s kinda Disney-esque (not necessarily in a bad way, just has that vibe).   Maybe if I listen to it more it’ll grow on me more.

Overall rating: Very Good, recommended 88/100

Very good solo debut effort with a nice mix of songs.
If they were all like the middle three tracks I would like it more.
I do like the vulnerability of Beautiful though.

You can get the album on iTunes or your favorite K-Pop store/site.  What’s your feeling of this release?  Let me know in the comments below.



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