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MBC Gayo Daejaejun 2015 (2015-12-31)

Finally got around to watching this year end special… and I think it was the best one!

Hosted by Kim Song Joon & Yuna (SNSD).  Overall the video quality seems more polished that the other two year end shows… maybe better reharsals?  Even the quality of the special stages were better.  I especially liked the SONAMOO – Round and Round Remix and Apink – Remember Remix; and of course the flashback stages… omg… talk about sing-a-long time.

Part 1

MBC Gayo Daejaejun 2015 Part 1

Special Stage – Opening Stage:
Hyun Jin Young X 2PM X GOT7 – You In Vague Memory

Chapter 1 – Lovely Girl Group:
Lovelyz – Marry You / Ah-Choo
Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake
GFRIEND – Me Gustas Tu (Xmas Remix)

Special Stage 1 – Legends of K-Pop:
Baek Ji Young – Like Being Shot By A Bullet
Baek Ji Young X Junghyun – The Woman

Chapter 2 – Powerful Boy Group:
MONSTA X – Hero (Remix)
BTOB – Way Back Home
GOT7 – If You Do (Remix)

Chapter 3 – Hot Music:
MAMAMOO – Single Ladies / Um Oh Ah Yeh
Zion.T – Yonghwa BRDG

Special Stage 2 – Back to the 8090:
VIXX – Love Equation (R.ef)
Hong Jinyoung X Jeon Jiyoon [4minute] X Eunkwang & Chansub [BTOB] – In The Bus (ZaZa)
CNBLUE – Everyday With You (Wild Chrysanthymum)

Chapter 4 – Preview 2016:
Oh My Girl – Cupid
SONAMOO – Round & Round (90’s Disco Remix)
UP10TION – So Dangerous / Catch Me!

Chapter 5 – Mix & Match:
BTS – I Need U (Piano Intro) / Run
Apink – Remember (EDM Remix)
B1A4 – Sweet Girl (Jazz Remix)

Chapter 6 – Rhythm Paradise:
4Minute – Crazy
Wonder Girls – So Hot / I Feel You (Remix)

Special Stage 3 – Legends of K-Pop:
Shin Seung Hun – I Believe
Shin Seung Hun – Reflected In Your Smile
Shin Seung Hun – Like The First Feeling

Part 2

MBC Gayo Daejaejun 2015 Part 2

Part 2 Grand Opening – Special Stage:
Zion.T – Sponsor
B.A.P – My Childhood Dream / Love Is… (3+3=0) (Turbo)
Park Ji Young – I’m So Sexy

Chapter 7 – Party Tonight:
Ailee – Mind Your Own Business (Remix)
AOA – Heart Attack
EXID – Hot Pink (Rock Remix)

Special Stage 4 – Color of K-Pop:
B1A4 – Lies (god)
Red Velvet – I Love You (S.E.S)
UP10TION – Candy (H.O.T)
Apink – Eternal Love (Fin.K.L)
B.A.P – Perfect Man (SHINHWA)

Chapter 8 – Drop The Beat:
Dynamic Duo Feat. Crush – Oasis / Ring My Bell
Teen Top – ah ah (Xmas Remix)
CNBlue Feat. Jessi – Cinderella (Remix)

Chapter 9 – Trot Forever:
Hong Jinyoung – Cheer Up / Love Battery
Tae Jin-ah – Partner / Jin Jin Jara
Hong Jinyoung X Tae Jin-ah – What’s Wrong With My Age

Special Stage 5 – Legend of K-Pop:
Park Jinyoung – Who’s Your Mama / Uptown Funk / Don’t Leave Me

Special Stage 6 – Legend of K-Pop:
Shin Seung Hun – Hello Hello

Chapter 10 – Star Wars:
B.A.P – Warrior / Young Wild & Free
EXO – Call Me Baby
INFINITE – Bad (Remix)

Chapter 11 – K-Pop Avengers:
2PM – My House / Hands Up
EXO – Love Me Right
SHINee – View
Girls’ Generation – Genie (Remix) / Lion Heart

Closing Stage:
All Artists – For You

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