K-Pop Songs Chart (Fan Chart) – July 2015 Week 4


Here are the Top K-Pop Songs for July 2015 Week 4 (Week Ending July 25, 2015) as voted by the fans. Each week you the viewers get a say in what ranks on this K-Pop Songs Chart.

For the really detail viewers out there (and I know there are several of you 🙂 ), you may notice some of the rankings from last week and the peak rankings have changed. I did some cleanup of the entries from the prior weeks and found inconsistencies. Thus, the rankings listed on this chart are correct through now.

Don’t like where your favorite K-Pop hits ended up? Well you have control! Vote for your favorite K-Pop songs and encourage your friends to vote as well. Show your favorite K-Pop artist how much of a fan you are 🙂

How do you participate?
* List your top picks in the comments here on YouTube
* Vote on my website at http://www.djdigital.info/vote_kpop
* Email your listing to [email protected]

1. Can be any K-Pop Song, as long as primarily in Korean or promoted in Korea.
2. Please list the ranking, artist and title. For example. 1. BTS – Dope!
3. You can vote once each at YouTube, the website page and via email… (yes really, that’s three chances for voting per week). But you can only do it once per day.
4. The song does NOT have to be on this chart or on my weekly charts… it’s purely what YOU like!
5. NEW RULE: While I am really grateful for all the effort people have been putting into the chart, I have to put a limit on your lists to a Top 50 (some of the submissions nearly hit 50 places). Anything above that level will not be counted.

Any questions?! Contact me here in the comments or at [email protected]

AND by popular demand, here’s the song index for the week.

2PM – My House
9Muses – Hurt Locker
AOA – Heart Attack
Apink – Remember
BEAST – Gotta Go To Work
Boys Republic – Hello
BTOB – It’s Okay
BTS – Dope
BTS – I Need U
EXID – Ah Yeah
EXO – Love Me Right
Girl’s Day – Ring My Bell
Girls’ Generation – Party
GOT7 – Just Right
HOTSHOT – I’m A Hotshot
KARA – Cupid
MAMAMOO – Um Oh Ah Yeh
SHINee – View
SISTAR – Shake It
SONAMOO – Cushion
Stellar – Vibrato
Super Junior – Devil
Teen Top – ah ah
TVXQ – Max – Rise As One
(I didn’t say it was going to be in order… 🙂 )

Goodbye Stage:
EXO – Call Me Baby
BIGBANG – We Like 2 Party
Playback – Playback
Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake
BESTie – Excuse Me

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