K-Pop ICYMI – September 2015 Week 4


Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, HipHop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for September 2015 Week 4 (week ending Septembet 26, 2015).

Here are the list of songs–since it’s not ranked, no spoilers here :)!

Pop Block:
Berry Good (베리굿) – My First Love (내 첫사랑)
Fresh Girls (풋풋) – Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질)

OST Block:
Sunny Hill (써니힐) – I Like You (All About My Mom (부탁해요, 엄마) OST)
Hyo Eun [Stellar] (효은) – I Love You (내사랑 You) (All Is Well (다 잘될 거야) OST)

R&B Block:
Park Kyung [Block B] Feat. Park Boram (박경, 박보람) – Ordinary Love (보통연애)
Delta Feat. I:ota [AlphaBAT] – I’m Going Now (지금 나갈게)
Sunny Days (써니데이즈) – Blah Blah

EDM/Dance Block:
Ferry & Crispi Crunch (페리 & 크리스피 크런치) – Crunchers Bounce
Cokejazz & Hoody (콕재즈 앤 후디) – Blue Horizon
Humming Urban Stereo & Risso (허밍 어반 스테레오, 리소) – Bargain Sale (바겐세일)

Hip-hop / R&B Block:
EPIK HIGH Feat. Kim Jong Wan [Nell] (에픽하이, 김종완) – AMOR FATI (Special Fan Made Video)
Kkakku (까꾸) – Always On My Feet
Ignite Feat. Yoo Jiwon (이그나이트, 유지원) – Overcome
J.Bass With Jang Kyucheol & Lee Shieun (정바스, 장규철,이시은) – Caramel Macchiato (카라멜마끼아또)
8Dro Feat. Wilcox (팔드로, 윌콕스) – Call Me Dro
ZZAPA Feat. Microdot (짜파) – New Days (새로워져)
Nu.D (누디) – Soulmate
Jay Park Feat. Hoody (박재범) – Solo
Gary Feat. Jay Park (개리, 박재범) – JOA (엉덩이)
Gary Feat. Miwoo (개리, 미우) – Get Some Air (바람이나 좀 쐐)
Stephanie (스테파니) – Black Out
VASCO (바스코) – iDozer

K-Indie / Rock Block:
Burstered (버스터리드) – Lost Child
Up That Brown (업댓브라운) – I Hate Mondays (월요일은 싫어요)
Life and Time (라이프 앤 타임) – Forest (숲)
Real Smell (리얼스멜) – On The Way To You (만나러 가는길)
Gentle Monkeys (점잖은 원숭이들) – Dear My Friend

Pop / AC Block:
Lim Chang Jung (임창정) – Love Again (또 다시 사랑)
COOL (쿨) – It’s Alright (다 잘될 거야)
JYP X Marmot (박진영 X 마모트) – You’re The Only One I Need (너만 있으면 돼)
Yoon Hyun Sang Feat. Yoon Bomi [Apink] (윤현상, 윤보미) – Let’s Eat Together (밥 한 끼 해요)
Yoo Jae Hwan X Lim Kim (유재환 X 김예림) – Coffee (커피)
Cho Hyung Woo Feat. Cheetah (조형우, 치타) – Scar (흉터)
SoYou [SISTAR] X Kwon Jeong Yeol [10cc] (소유 X 권정열) – Lean On Me (어깨)

Be sure to check back each week to see the latest releases in K-Pop, K-HipHop, K-Dance, K-Rock and K-Indie releases. And tell your friends too!

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