K-Pop ICYMI – November 2015 Week 4 (New K-Pop Releases)


Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, HipHop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for November 2015 Week 4 (week ending November 28, 2015).

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Here are the list of songs–since it’s not ranked, no spoilers here :)!

AC Block:
Noel (노을) – In The End (이별밖에)
Jin Won (진원) – I’ll Change (고칠게)
Tell And Listen (말하기듣기) – Lose And Forget (잃다잊다)
Yoon Jong Shin Feat. Y.E.T (윤종신) – Trainee (연습생)
Kang Woojun (강우진) – Dear. Love
Hyun Wook (현욱) – Drama (드라마)
Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) – My Shoes (나의 구두)
The Barberettes (바버렛츠) – Lonesome Christmas
OKDAL (옥상달빛) – Keep Running (달리기)
Kim Dong Wan (김동완) – DU DU DU
Huh Gak (허각) – Along the Days (그 날을 내 등 뒤로)

OST Block:
Seo Ha Jun (서하준) – Goodbye and Hello (굿바이 그리고 헬로우) (Goodbye and Hello (굿바이 그리고 헬로우) OST)
BTOB (비투비) – Goodbye Sadness (My Sweet & Sour Family (달콤살벌 패밀리) OST)
Yeon Kyuseong (연규성) – Highway Romance (고속도로 로맨스) (Riders Catch Tomorrow (내일을 잡아라) OST)
Postmen (포스트맨) – Going Crazy Missing You (보고싶어 미치겠다) (Glamorous Temptation (화려한 유혹) OST)
Kim Tae Woo & Ben (김태우 & 벤) – Darling U (Oh My Venus (오 마이 비너스) OST)
Park Boram (박보람) – Haehwa-dong (Or Ssangmun-dong) (혜화동 (혹은 쌍문동)) (Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
The Veggers (더 베거스) – Suckerstand
Park Sihwan (박시환) – Monster (괴물)
Brown Whale (브라운 웨일) – Picture
FauloCity (파울로시티) – Fire Sisters
not jam (낮잠) – lily
Every Single Day (에브리 싱글 데이) – Sweet Illusion

EDM / Dance Block:
Yolhoon (욜훈) – 너덜너덜 (NDND)
Shirosky (시로스카이) – I’ll Remember April
Solar & Moonbyul [Mamamoo] (솔라, 문별) – Like Yesterday 2015 (2015 어제처럼)
One Piece Feat. Dok2 (원피스) – Let’s Get It

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
Brand Newjiq (브랜뉴직) – Phone Talk
Moon Myung Jin (문명진) – Excuse Me
ABeatz feat. Jin Jungwang & Sophia (에이비츠, 진준왕) – On A Winter Day (겨울날에)
Beaver (비버) – Diving (다이빙)
Gil [LeeSSang] (길) – Let The Wind Blow (바람아 불어라)
WILCOX (윌콕스) – Cake Shop
Tako & J-Hyung with Lim Jihyun (타코앤제이형, 엄지현) – Don’t Know (모르겠죠)
2LSON (투엘슨) – Paused (멈춰진)
Verbal Jint Feat. Taeyeon (버벌진트, 태연) – If The World Was Perfect (세상이 완벽했다면)

Pop Block:
5tion (오션) – Lie
Jung Gilho (정길호) – Don’t Find Me
Luna & Amber [f(x)] (루나 & 엠버) – It’s Just Love 2015 (2015 사랑일뿐야)
Raina [After School] (레이나) – I Don’t Know (모르겠다)
I.C.E (아이스) – Over U
Moonshine Feat. Molly.D (문샤인, 몰리디) – So Bad
SURAN Feat. Beenzino (수란, 빈지노) – Calling In Love
K-Much (케이머치) – Tie My Hands
Road Boyz (로드보이즈) – Show Me Bang Bang
UP10TION (업텐션) – Catch Me! (여기여기 붙어라)
GOT7 – Confession Song (고백송)
APRIL (에이프릴) – Muah!
9Muses (나인뮤지스) – Sleepless Night (잠은안오고 배는고프고)

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