K-Pop ICYMI – November 2015 Week 3 (New K-Pop Releases)


Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, HipHop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for November 2015 Week 3 (week ending November 21, 2015).

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Here are the list of songs–since it’s not ranked, no spoilers here :)!

AC Block:
The One & Jeon Bong Jin (더 원, 전봉진) – I Didn’t Know Love (사랑을 몰랐어)
Kim Ji Soo (김지수) – It’s Not Like That (그건 아니래)
Daybreak (데이브레이크) – Feel The Fire In Your Heart (그대 맘에 불을 지펴 줄게요)
Seo Ye Ahn (서예안) – Go To You (너에게 간다)
Seulong (슬옹) – Melatonin
Lee Hong Gi (이홍기) – Insensible (눈치 없이)

OST Block:
Jonghyun (종현) – Beautiful Lady (Oh My Venus (오 마이 비너스) OST)
Oh Hyuk (오혁) – A Little Girl (소녀) (Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988) OST)
X10 (엑스텐) – Swallow The Moon (달을 삼켜 버려) (The Flatterer! (아부쟁이 얍!) OST)
XIA (준수) – This Time Is You (너라는 시간이 흐른다) (Roots of the Throne (육룡이 나르샤) OST)

K-Indie / Rock:
MONNI (몽니) – Secret (비밀)
YKSI (익시) – Smoke
Monkeyz (몽키즈) – Someday
Shirosky (시로스카이) – From Earth

Dance / Electronic Block:
Risso (리소) – A Little Bit More (조금 더)
Long:D (롱디) – Night Drive (야간주행)

Hip Hop / R&B Block:
WE’D (위드) – Unhappy
Estell, Jung Sang Su & Ray (에스텔, 정상수, 레이) – New Day
VEN Feat. Palo Alto (벤) – 6
Samuel Seo (서사무엘) – New Dress Girl
The Zoltan Feat. Jang Heeyoung (졸탄, 장희영) – Love Promise (사랑약속)
FAME-J (페임 제이) – Myself Again (보여)
Jay Park (박재범) – WORLDWIDE X 원해 (WANT IT)
Dynamic Duo Feat. Nafla (다이나믹듀오) – J.O.T.S.
Dynamic Duo (다이나믹듀오) – Honey Jam (꿀잼)
Dynamic Duo (다이나믹듀오) – DODORIPYO (도돌이표)
San-E X Mad Clown (산이 X 매드 클라운) – Sour Grapes (못먹는 감)
CL – Hello Bitches

Pop Block:
AndyA47 Feat. Seo Jian & J ssoen – Happy Ending
As One Feat. Hanhae (애즈 원,한해) – Even If Just 1 Minute (1분만이라도)
iKON – Anthem (이리오너라)
iKON – Apology (지못미)
Lush Feat. Double K (러쉬) – Don’t Do This To Me (이러지 말아요)
Navi (나비) – Don’t Miss You (그리워 말아요)
Daddy J Feat. Song Haye & Skull (송하예, 스컬) – Promise (약속해줘)
Snuper (스누퍼) – Shall We Dance (쉘 위 댄스)
Purfles (퍼펄즈) – Bad Girl (나쁜 여자)
The Legend (전설) – Nail (손톱)
JJCC (제이제이씨씨) – Insomnia (불면증)
EXID (이엑스아이디) – Hot Pink (핫핑크)
B.I.G (비아이지) – TAOLA (타올라)
B.A.P – Young, Wild & Free

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