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K-Pop 360 VR Videos

If you haven’t seen these… you have to check them out… even if you don’t like K-Pop.  They’re the awesome!  Basically they’re specially filmed videos that allow you to control where the camera pans to the point where it’s almost a 360 degree view of the surroundings.  Sometimes I wish you could zoom out a bit.  But with the controls, it’s fun to sync the camera movement to the song kinda making your own customized camera aspect view for yourself… or you can just make yourself really dizzy…

Here are some examples…

INFINITE (인피니트) - Bad

Electronic String (전자현악) - Shine (샤인)

Bambino (밤비노) - Oppa Oppa (오빠오빠)

Pretty much my reaction was the same as one of my favorite Youtubers, JRE from JREKML 🙂

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