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GFRIEND – Rough Continues Chart Domination

GFRIEND shows chart dominance as Rough earns a Perfect All Kill on the real time Internet sales charts

GFRIEND (여자친구) continues to show their dominance on the real time internet sales charts as Rough (시간을 달려서) earns another Perfect All Kill on Instiz’s iChart for February 8, 2016 at 7:30 KST.

A Perfect All Kill happens when a song hits number 1 on all of the real time charts, number 1 on all of the daily charts, and number 1 on the Instiz Weekly Chart (which is updated hourly along with the other charts).  Considering the chart week just started, songs getting a PAK now might not be viewed as much of an achievement, however just getting the first two in line is already quite difficult.

If GFRIEND can pull off a PAK for the entire week, I would be quite happy, but considering all the comebacks and such, it might be a challenge.

GFRIEND - Rough - PK 160208 Graph
GFRIEND - Rough - PK 160208 List

It’s quite impressive their chart performance has been this consistent for this track for the two weeks the song has been out.  They’ve been able to fend off Taeyeon and MC the Max from taking over for very long, only to bounce back to the top spot after letting go for just a bit for those other artists.

GFRIEND are currently number 1 on both my personal Top 100 KPOP Chart, and the Top 40 Fan Chart.  Where will it end up for February 2016 Week 1?  You’ll be able to find out soon!

Congratulations to GFRIEND on their achievements!

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