Focus Friday – EXO – EXODUS


Not a flashback Friday this week… it’s a Focus Friday instead… where I feature either a current release or something I find interesting for the week.  This week is EXO’s latest album, EXODUS.


So I actually bought both the Chinese and Korean version of the album and it came with two sets of photocards (double sided… same pictures in both though).  So you EXO fans claiming I don’t support them can shove it 😛  And no it wasn’t a coincidence as to getting the same member for both.  It was also supposed to have folded posters, but they weren’t in the box… maybe they ran out of promo posters… oh well.

The booklet is pretty shiny… totally fingerprint magnet.  It loos like the picture book pictures are based on the member you picked since all the pictures have Chanyeol in them.  Tho the happy virus don’t look so happy in these pictures.  Some are black and white, and some are in color.  There’s also a small member card picture with a fan message on the back.  And while it would have been neat to get all 10 of both sets… that would have made me gone broke.  If you did have them all and arranged them correctly, the spines would make the EXO logo, which is pretty cool… but not over $300 cool…

As for the album, it’s a mix of tracks.

The title track, Call Me Baby (number 2 for April 2015 Week 1’s chart) is a pretty catchy song, and the dance in the video is pretty interesting.


Transformer is kinda weird mid-tempo song to me.  Not sure where they were going for that one.  After that comes What If (시선 둘, 시선 하나) and My Answer… both ballads.  My Answer is actually pretty good with just a piano as accompaniment.


The the album title track comes in, which was good enough to chart at 49 for April 2015 Week 1.  Was kinda amazed to see some of the members that mostly rap actually sing.  Though, their facial expression when they perform it live is kinda derp-worthy.


El Dorado was a fan favorite when they previewed these tracks prior to the album release.  The beat is pretty catchy and the vocal arrangement is nice, though the lyrics are just weird…  If they release it as a followup it might chart, but for now, it’s just odd to me.   Playboy is another mid-tempo track… where it’s just ok for me…  HURT stays with kinda a creepy old movie music intro then drives into a strong beat… this one is one of the better songs on the disc for me.  Lady Luck starts off with a weird distorted beatbox vibe but then when the vocals kick in then the song is a little better.  The closing album track Beautiful is the kind of song you would listen to on a rainy night, kinda soothing but not too slow.

Naturally the Chinese album has the same songs… just in Mandarin.

The sequencing of the album tracks was pretty well done where it’s not too much of a swing in terms of genres from song to song.  And it’s not where all of the real single worthy tracks are all next to each other.  There were some songs that were more meh than others but overall, it’s a pretty decent pop album.

DJ Digital’s final total album score:

  • Packaging (since I actually bought the physical album): 90%
    • nice, but super shiny, which makes it super fingerprint magnet material and if you ding it or scratch it, you’re pretty SOL)
    • over time the glue binding might give out if you keep flipping through it…
    • neat if you managed to get all the others in the set
  • Song Content: 90%
    • not all of the songs were, omg this could be a single
    • but those that weren’t single worthy were listenable… not to the point where I wanted to skip to the next because it was unbearable.
  • Hype Rating: 85%
    • while Call Me Baby is a great song, it’s not like how Growl hit for the repackaged album (that was a good song and video concepts)
  • Final Rating: 88%
    • Highly recommended you check it out, but not all of the songs are so good that you NEED to get the album.

Now if you can civilly discuss your opinions, feel free to leave a comment below.  I’m quite worn out having to defend my opinions to EXO fanatics…  I respect your opinions, respect that mine might be different… that’s all I ask.







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