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Focus Friday – BTS – For You

Little bit different this time… while it’s not really K-Pop in the purest sense…  The artist debuted as a K-Pop artist and it’s my personal fav, so here goes.

BTS released a single for Japan (i.e. not a Japanese remake of a Korean single) and, it is the awesome!  It comes in 3 formats; 2 DVD + CD combo sets with the same track listing on the CD for those two but with different live content on the DVDs and different covers, and a CD only with one extra song and a different cover.  Of course… I bought all three…

BTS - For You (JP Stash)The song is a mid tempo track and I have to say their Japanese is a lot more natural sounding in this one compared to their other Japanese remakes.  The videos (regular and dance) are oozing with cuteness which is perfect for the JP market.

Also out recently was their Wake Up: Open Your Eyes DVD and Bluray (see picture above), which was recorded in February 2015 on their first Japanese tour.  The songs were done in Japanese for the Japanese singles and Korean for the non-JP released stuff.  And they actually did perform live with some MR backing.  The blu-ray version is clear but some of the camera angles are weird (since it’s like you’re hovering over the crowd; or part of the crowd — unless they were going for that “like you were there” effect).  The audio quality is good though there are times when you can hear the echo from the mics picking up the monitors.  Too bad their Korean concerts weren’t on bluray… would totally buy those…. that and they need to do the extended version of Just One Day in Korean…

Back to K-Pop… BTS is scheduled to have their Korean comeback with follow up promotions for their latest CD for the album track Dope (쩔어).  So far concept photos for 6 of the members are out… Jimin will the last coming soon… cause he has no jams…

BTS - DopeThe song has already been added in heavy rotation on my internet radio station and will probably debut for the June 2015 Week 3 and will more than likely shoot up in week 4.

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