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Flashback Friday – S.E.S – (Cause) I’m Your Girl

This week, Flashback Friday takes you back to 1997 with one of the more popular girl groups of K-Pop, S.E.S


Left to Right – Eugene, Bada, Shoo

Formed in 1997 and active only until 2002, but they had quite a bit of popular singles in that time.  They were known for their cute looks and really sing-songy kind of songs.  From upbeat tracks to powerful ballads, they had a spread of hits in those five years.  One of their biggest hits was (Cause) I’m Your Girl.


Two of the members came together recently to do a remake of the song with SNSD’s Seohyun for Infinite Challenge.  While Bada has been regularly performing and singing, the other two members were doing other things like acting (for Eugene) or being a mom (Shoo).  During this performance, Shoo looks super happy to be on stage again… to the point of almost being in tears.


It’s amazing they did it live too…and sported the hairstyle of the time lol…

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