Flashback Friday – R.ef – Farewell Formula (이별공식)


This week’s Flashback Friday goes back to 1995… 20 years ago… gee I feel old.


R.ef (Rave Effect) was a popular group in the 90s when rave/eurodance was popular all across Asia (technically that trend never really went away).  The group is made up of Lee Sung Wook (이성욱) (main vocal), Park Chul Woo (박철우) (rapper) and Sung Dae Hyun (성대현) (backup vocal).  They released 3 albums with that type of genre in 1995-1996, which resulted in the popular singles 이별공식 (Farewell Formula), 상심 (Heartbreak), 찬란한 사랑 (Luminous Love) and 가을의 기억 (Memories In Fall).  In 1998 they changed their style to a more hiphop feel and changed the meaning of R.ef to Ruff Easy Flava… go figure.  The group disbanded in 1999, but regrouped to do a single in 2004 called 사랑은 어려워 (Love Is Difficult).  There are talks of a regroup and comeback soon though.

But back to the Flashback Friday pick…  Farewell Formula was their first big hit with it’s eurodance feel and mix of singing and rapping.



20 years later, VIXX remade the song for their latest single album (though the English title was changed to Love Equation).  The verses are pretty much the same though there’s a new intro rap by Ravi.



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