Flashback Friday (on Saturday) – BIGBANG – Last Farewell



One of their more happy-go-lucky sounding songs (though the song isn’t really about a happy thing)… Here’s this week’s Flashback Friday (on Saturday), Bigbang’s “Last Farewell (마지막 인사)” from 2007.

Back then, BIGBANG looked more innocent and did a mix of power ballads and club bouncy pop songs.  Quite the contrast from their more hip hop, R&B focus and more mature swag appeal.  Part of my kinda likes the old BIGBANG in terms of how catchy their songs were back then and how goofy they used to always be.  While their songs are still catchy, and their outakes even now can be quite funny, it’s not quite as innocent as back then.

For this particular song, it was performed by other groups as well… most notably 2NE1 at a special show:


And with The Wondergirls…


… In case you didn’t know… BIGBANG IS BACK! This week they made a comeback with the first of several monthly releases with MADE (M), which features the singles Loser and Bae Bae.  Both singles are sure to chart on April 2015 Week 5’s charts…


Loser is a slower tempo’d R&B track which I happen to prefer more than Bae Bae.  The cinematography gives the video a sad and agonizing feeling.  Some scenes are a bit of of place, like the barber chair during Taeyang’s scene… but it’s nothing compared to Bae Bae’s video…


Bae Bae has a more psychedelic sound… and video.  OMG, it’s just weird.  For creativity points, it’s actually pretty interesting but weird at the same time.  Taeyang has a long haired cowboy is no-no… TOP as a psycho mad-hatter typed character was amusing.  In all, it was like the video was conceived when someone was high while listening to the song… not saying it’s a bad thing, just makes it different.


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