Flashback Friday – MR.MR – Who’s That Girl


Flashback Friday is here… And this time it’s MR.MR (미스터미스터) with Who’s That Girl


MR.MR debuted in 2012 and is now currently signed to Winning Insight Music.  They started off as a five member group with members Jin, Do-yeon, Chang-Jae, Tey and Ryu.  Their first single Who’s That Girl debuted in October 2012.  They have since have had several reasonably successful singles including Highway, Do You Feel Me, Waiting For You, It’s You and Big Man.


They also had their fair share of lineup changes and controversy.  Before their third single, “Do You Feel Me”, new member Ji-Won was supposed to be added, but got injured so another member Hon was introduced instead.  Soon after that a report came out saying Hon was involved with a transgender singer that claimed that he abused and mistreated her.  It was proved that it was all fabricated, but damage was done to Hon’s reputation and confidence and left the group.  The group also released a diss track toward SM Entertainment not long after Girls’ Generation’s song “Mr.Mr” came out.  At first fans thought it was a diss but could also be a coincidence, but the CEO of Winning Insight confirmed it was a diss track.


Just prior to the release of their current album, member Ryu left the group after finding that he was going to be kicked out of the band.  This was due to his complaints of being mistreated… apparently there’s a lawsuit pending.

Fast forward to now and they recently are making a comeback with their new album “Out” which features the last three digital singles as well as the new single Out.   The new single is more of a R&B dance type song with a style more similar to Highway than their other singles.  Also with this release, they added two new members Sanghyun and Jaemin.




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