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Want to test out a new function I’m trying out on my website?  Since it’s not always easy to remember which week is which and such, I made a page where you can put in your top K-Pop picks of the week and I’ll figure out when they’re supposed to be for based on when you submit it.  Of course you can still list your top picks on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, my blog and such, but this might be easier…

Go to: http://www.djdigital.info/vote_kpop/ and try it out.  You can post as little or as much as you want per post (i.e. you can have a Top 1, 5, 10, 50, I don’t care, just follow the format).  I will also only take the first submittal per name/email address.  If there’s apparent ballot box stuffing (i.e. multiple votes from apparently the same person, or using fake emails, etc), I’ll drop those out too.

Below is a sample of how to fill out the form 🙂




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