ELUPHANT – Man On The Moon (Album Review)


ELUPHANT - Man On The Moon

ELUPHANT’s third album Man on the Moon has been releasing tons of videos since its release a few days ago and a lot of the songs have pretty profound messages.

While the duo’s music isn’t always considered mainstream K-Pop, a couple of songs on the album are pretty radio friendly, like the song featuring SISTAR’s So-You, “Sim Sim [Only When You’re Bored]”

And a previous single, Crater, is also featured on the album with vocals from Kim Feel.  The song had charted on my chart earlier this year.

Some of the videos for the newer songs are pretty neat too.  The video for Souvenir is like a cutout/Papier-mâché/claymation work.

Flower is a song about a family where a mother keeps taking care of her flowers even during in winter when they look bad (since there are no flowers).  The message about how things need to be taken care of is hard to miss.

Home Sweet Home has a video that’s a bit depressing.  The video follows a guy that seems discontent with his life… where things don’t seem to matter; and all he wants to do is go back home where someone will take care of him (could be taken as a euphemism of him wanting to be at peace; or could just be he wants to be at home where people will notice him).

The rest of the album is a mix of smooth R&B/Hip Hop grooves like Ism and MOTM; and there are some more uptempo jams too like B There, Lighthouse, and People and Places.

In all the album is a good mix of R&B/Hip hop songs, perfect for a laid back night of listening.




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