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Galaxy Note 5 – Day 1 Impressions

Day 1 with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 5... #samsung #galaxy #note5

Galaxy Note 5 – Pre-Release Impressions

Samsung's New Galaxy Note 5 was announced on August 13... Here's my initial take on the device.
Samsung Note 5 In Box

Galaxy Note 5 – First Week Impressions

After about a week of use (it's been 5 days), here's my first week impressions of the Galaxy Note 5.

Raspberry Pi 2

New version of the Raspberry Pi (2) is out... Sold out almost everywhere though... Would be neat to get my hands on one to...

Rebuild My PC – Part 1

Time to upgrade my desktop... Here's part 1 of the journey!

ASUS PB287Q Review

ASUS PB287Q 4k 28" Monitor Reviewed here based on first day of use impressions. #ASUS #PB287Q

Intel NUC (5th Gen 2015 Model)

My review of Intel's 5th Generation NUC - NUC5i5RYH