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Inkigayo E850 160131

Inkigayo E850 (2016-01-31)

Inkigayo is back with more hot performances and comebacks from GFRIEND and debuts from Yezi, Ryeowook and IMFACT. #kpop #inkigayo
The Show S5 E58 160202

The Show (S05E58) (2016-02-02)

The Show is back with Zhomi back as the main host with GFRIEND's Yerin. This week's Top 3 are Ryeowook, GFRIEND and Teen Top. Who's number 1?
Music Bank Logo

Music Bank E814 (2015-12-04)

Music Bank is back this week with the hottest in K-Pop performances. Here's what happened on E814.

Music Bank E844 (2016-07-08)

This week's Music Bank has comebacks from BEAST, Wonder Girls and SEVENTEEN! #MusicBank #KPOP
Music Core E494 160227

Music Core E494 (2016-02-27)

Music Core is back this week with debuts from WJSN and ASTRO; and comebacks from MAMAMOO, B.A.P, Taemin, and more! #kpop #musiccore

Music Bank Half Year Special 2016 (2016-06-24)

Music Bank has their special half year special with special performances by your favorite K-Pop artists! #MusicBank #Kpop
Inkigayo E989 Hosts

Inkigayo E989 (2019-02-03)

Inkigayo is back this week with your favorite K-Pop Performances with special MC Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.
M!Countdown E604 Hosts

M!Countdown E604 (2019-01-31)

World Number 1 K-Pop Chart Show, M!Countdown is back with the best in this week's K-Pop performances.
MCountdown E572 Hosts

M!Countdown E592 (2018-10-18)

M!Countdown is back with comebacks from Lee Hong Gi, Weki Meki and more!

Inkigayo E845 (2015-12-20)

SBS Inkigayo is back this week with more performances and their top chart. Who ends up at number one this week?