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Stellar – Vibrato MV Review

Stellar (스텔라) is back with a new disco-y dance track for the summer called "Vibrato (떨려요)". Here's my MV and song review.

BEAST – Gotta Go To Work MV

BEAST (비스트) is back with a pre-release track called Gotta Go To Work (일하러 가야 돼) from their new mini-album Ordinary. Here's my review of the MV.

ELUPHANT – Man On The Moon (Album Review)

My review of ELUPHANT's (이루펀트) third album "Man On The Moon"

Lee Jaewon – Ex-Boyfriend MV Review

Here's a MV review of Lee Jaewon's (이재원) - Ex-Boyfriend (헤어진놈). Why am I reviewing a music video? You'll have to read to find out.

Mini Album Review – Teen Top – Natural Born

Teen Top is back... with a more retro sound with Natural Born. Here's my review!
SISTAR - Shake It (Multi)

Mini Album Review – SISTAR – Shake It

SISTAR is back for their third mini-album for the summer! Here's my review for Shake It!
AOA - Heart Attack Cover

Mini-Album Review – AOA – Heart Attack

AOA is back with their third mini-album Heart Attack. Here's my review!

Focus Friday – EXO – EXODUS

Not a Flashback Friday... it's a Focus Friday, where I spotlight a new release/purchase or something I find interesting for the week. This week, it's EXO's latest album Exodus.

Mini-Album Review – Amber – Beautiful

Mini-Album Review - Amber (엠버) - Beautiful