BTS (방탄소년단) has released their Dance Version and follow versions of their latest single Fire (불타오르네).  You can now see the wicked dance moves unobstructed by the storyline version and falling burning cars, Jin being ironed and then playing with burners…  Not that all of that was bad or anything… sometimes you just wanna see how the dance is done (and you want to see the group >.>)

On their Bangtan TV channel, they released several Bangtan Bomb videos featuring follow cam versions of the first verse and chorus.  So now you can watch your favorite members in focus (provided another member doesn’t go in front of them), or a camera man doesn’t realize they’re in the shot.

Watching these videos makes you see how hard this dance is in how fast it can be at times and how you almost have to act drunk at parts.  And some of the faces that Jungkook makes should be illegal >.>  Just saying…

The follow videos are a nice followup to the making of video… where you get to see them by their goofy selves… and impressed when the car is dropped and things are set on fire.  And the backhug scene with Jimin and Jungkook ><

If you missed the original story version of the video or need a refresher… see below!


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