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BEAST – Ordinary (Album Review)

BEAST is back with their 8th Mini Album called Ordinary.  The digital version features 6 tracks, while the physical versions (yup, there are two) has 2 bonus tracks which are Korean versions of Japanese releases.

The physical releases comes in two versions… a black and a white version.  The black version has more sophisticated photos of the group, while the white version has more playful summer pictures.  The books are pretty substantial with lots of pictures (individual and group ones).  The slip cases on the outside are interesting.  The black one just slides off but the white one is like opening a messenger envelope… you could slide it off too but I think you might crease the books.  Side note if you do get them, I would get sleeves for them… they attract every bit of dust possible.

My set came with an event invite card each with the picture of the album version it came with.  It also came with a member card… I got Junhyung twice… cmon, some variety would have been better…  I also got folded posters which are really nice but couldn’t take pictures of since have to figure out where to put them.  Both are variations of the album cover pictures if you wanted to know what they look like.

OK, on to the review of the album.

1. (예이) YeY

The title track (예이) YeY, to me seemed like it wanted to be like Beautiful Night Part 2… but it starts off sounding more like Breath or Fiction. Am I saying their songs sound a like…? No, not really, just the elements are similar. The build up to the chorus comes on and I’m like ok… and then the chorus hits and it’s a club pleaser. Not quite jump up and down like Beautiful Night but, pretty good none the less. Their image of party boys in the first part of the video wasn’t very convincing to me and the dance (from watching the video) is kinda simple (though it would make performing it easier).

2. 일하러 가야 돼 (Gotta Go To Work)

Now this song and video I preferred a lot more than I did for YeY.  While people might not like it when a group goes for the overly cute/aegyo image… with BEAST it just seems to work.  It’s not to the point where you want to go, yeck…  And with Doojun’s acting skills, it’s very convincing.  Plus the song is very playful about how a guy is trying to tell his girl that he has to go to work to get her the stuff she likes — so stop giving him a hard time lol…

3. 스위트 룸 (Suite Room)
Kinda sexy and suggestive R&B track here. Not really my thing coming from them. Another just OK song.

4. 그곳에서 (At That Place)
I could see this one being an alternate promotion track or Goodbye Stage for them. It sounds more uplifting and hopeful.

5. 가져가 (Take It)
This one is a shifty mid-tempo track that definately is just an album track. It’s ok, but doesn’t really scream out as a single.

6. Oh Honey
Another mid-tempo track with a sing-songy kind of melody. The underlaying track kinda reminds me of the chorus of MBLAQ’s “Our Relationship” but it has its uniqueness too.

7. I Think I Love You (Korean Version)

This is the Korean version of the Japanese release “キミはどう? (Kimi Wa Dou?)” which actually translates more to “How About You?”.  This could have been a Korean release, though it’s way more suited for a Japanese market… just the way it sounds just scream J-Pop to me.

8. One Day (Korean Version)

This was the b-side of キミはどう? (Kimi Wa Dou?). A sad sounding ballad track to close out the disc. Kinda wish they did a Korean version of Adrenaline instead.

Overall the album is alright and a definite must by for fans, more so because the picture books are so nice.  The lead singles YeY and Gotta Go To Work don’t disappoint and the rest of the album is alright just not too many single worthy songs.

YeY - 90%
Gotta Go To Work - 95%
Suite Room - 70%
At That Place - 85%
Take It - 75%
Oh Honey - 75%
I Think I Love You - 90%
One Day - 80%
Photobooks - 100%


BEAST's 8th Mini Album "Ordinary" review.

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