BEAST – Gotta Go To Work MV


BEAST just released their pre-release track “Gotta Go To Work” on July 20th with a super cute video to go with it.  I mean, for them, it’s oozing with aegyo but actually not over the top aegyo where you’ll want to dryheave, but enough to make you go, wow they’re really hiding their rugged look from the last mini album.  Doo-joon acts out most of the video (all that drama acting has really shown how good of an actor he can be) and it’s him doing most of the aegyo.

The rest of the group has their moments though…

The song is about a guy that really has to go and do other things than just be with his girlfriend.  As much as he would like to spend every moment with her, there’s a reality that sets in where he has to work in order to be able to buy her the things she likes (you like, like flowers and balloons, food and bags).

The pre-chorus was pretty funny since it’s where the girl is doing everything she can by making cute faces to keep him there.  In my head I was thinking… ok if you want to do this, then I can’t get you this, this, this… though, love really has no logic; and it’s until you really can’t do those things when stuff falls apart >.>  But the song is pretty upbeat and eventually you see how it works itself out.

Overall, the song is a nice change from their more serious image from the last mini-album.  It’s not Beautiful Night jump in the air good, but it’s a nice change.


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