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B.A.P – Matrix (Album Review)

B.A.P is back with their 4th mini album – MATRIX.  Being a long time fan, I was waiting for their comeback after a nearly 2 year hiatus due to issues with their management company.  Luckily all of that is resolved and now they can go back to performing.  Hopefully with a reasonable schedule and workload.

The album came in 7 different editions – the standard version and 6 special edition versions (one for each member) in special packaging.  And of course, I had to get all of them.  There were two posters as well (was kinda hoping that the posters would all be different, but there’s a poster for the standard version and one for all of the special edition ones).

B.A.P - Matrix Editions

B.A.P - Matrix (Standard Edition) B.A.P - Matrix (M Special Edition) B.A.P - Matrix (A Special Edition) B.A.P - Matrix (T Special Edition) B.A.P - Matrix (R Special Edition) B.A.P - Matrix (I Special Edition) B.A.P - Matrix (X Special Edition)
[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Take You There” header_color=”#81d742″]This is the song they’ve been promoting for their comeback stage along with the title track.  It’s pretty happy and optimistic sounding, which is a bit different from the fierce yet fun title track.[/td_block_text_with_title]
[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Monologue” header_color=”#81d742″]This is the lead in track into the title track.  If you watched the MV for Young Wild and Free, the spoken part is from this track.  There’s an accompanying rap to go with it which is also good before it breaks down to the lead single.[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Young, Wild & Free” header_color=”#81d742″]Along the lines of Warrior, The Power and No Mercy… Young, Wild & Free is a statement kind of song which might be tongue in cheek referencing their experiences that lead them to their hiatus.  Now they’re more in control of their destinies and seem a lot happier.

The video is quite the spectacle… while not quite a One Shot cinematic masterpiece, it features fast cars, dangerous animals and a paint fight (that must’ve been fun).[/td_block_text_with_title]

[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Be Happy” header_color=”#81d742″]Another uplifting track on the mini album which to me reminds me of uptown funk.   It has that funky R&B swing vibe that makes you wanna dance and sing along.  And the message to Be Happy, can’t go wrong with that.[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Blind” header_color=”#81d742″]Kinda a mid-tempo ballad to round out the mini-album.  Somewhat doesn’t fit with the feeling of the other songs, but song wise it’s pretty good.[/td_block_text_with_title]
Take You There - 95%
Monologue - 90%
Young, Wild & Free - 100%
Be Happy - 95%
Blind - 92%


Overall another great mini-album from B.A.P. If you have a chance to listen or pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

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