What? Who? Oh DJ Digital, you and your nugu (who the heck are they) groups!  Their name is based on the saying “Know Your Enemies and Know Yourself); but it’s spelled ZPZG to translate to Zest Play, Zest Grow (i.e. Play Hard, Work Hard).

But wait!  ZPZG (지피지기) did have a hit song… well on my chart… back in October 2014 with Go Crazy (미치겠다).

Even back then people thought I was crazy for ranking them so high (they actually peaked at number 2 and finished the year in the Top 15)…  But with the electronic synths and happy guitar riffs, it was just oozing cheesy pop goodness that I just like.

But who is this group?  The members are Khan (leader, rap), NK (vocal), Gyeom (vocal/dance), Jihoon (vocal/dance/maknae).

You can also find out more about them via this interview they did with Arirang’s Pops in Seoul for their Go Crazy promotions.

But why am I bringing them up now?  Well because, they have their new single “AOAO” coming out on July 29.

They also released a teaser video for it…

And I found this fancam of the new song… though it’s focused just on Gyeom (who looks the most different since debut).

So yeah, I’m a little excited to see how the release goes since it was a surprise how much I liked their first single.  We’ll see how it goes on the 29th!


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